Curd rice and pickle mean software and finance ?

Ram continued thus :

‘Bharat Ram cannot be a comic artist for the simple reason that he would need to earn his
living. And being a comic artist, a tambrahm cannot earn his living unless he is enormously wealthy’, he paused.

‘What has wealth got to do here ? Suppose I don’t bequeath anything to him, should he not be a comic artist ?’, I said, and added ,’ not only tambrahm, anybody that needs to live on comics alone without being wealthy would suffer. Is that not so?’

‘Not really. A tambrahm in that situation will suffer more than anybody else. And that is the essence of being a tambrahm’, he said with a vicious smile.

I waited for him to continue though I knew he was on the right path.

‘Saar, the very quality of a tambrahm is to be jealous all his life. And if a tambrahm has a
special quality that the rest of them don’t have, then 99% of the time the gifted tambrahm
would be destroyed just by being ridiculed and stymied by the rest of the crowd. What matters to a tambrahm is conformance. He expects the entire crowd to look, act and behave in the same manner. If one deviates citing special quality, he would be pulled down and trampled. And that would happen to the comic genius’, he said.

I didn’t like what he said for that was true.

Tambrahms want to look and behave alike. They have similar intelligence and are tuned to work in similar manner because they have similar up-bringing. A well to do tambrahm and an poor tambrahm have these similar characteristics. And they all have similar urge to overcome hazards and come out on top. And the means they adopt to do that are also similar. And so they conform to expected behaviour.

So, when a tambrahm has an unique trait and tends to behave in a peculiar fashion and hence does not conform to herd behavioural standards, he is trampled and crushed. So there this comic artist stuff for Bharath Ram would not be agreed in the community for tambrahms are expected by the tambrahm society to be either a software engineer or a finance professional and hence be in the US.

Probably software and finance are the byproducts of thayir sadham and mangai urukai ( curd rice and mango pickle ) – or so it seems.

Ram continued further.

( to be continued )

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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