Class X to pre- Kg ?

Following conversation took place in Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Chennai during December 2014.

Sir, may I meet the principal ?
The ‘Sir’ in question is the watchman.
No, madam is busy. Cannot meet. Got appointment?
No, just wanted to see if if she is free to speak for 5 mins regarding admission.
See, madam cannot meet anyone without appointment.
I know that. Just 2-3 minutes is sufficient. I am coming from another country and couldn’t fix appointment.
See, if this is for admission, then it is not there.
Sir, may I meet the principal to speak about admission?
You see, madam will say the same thing. She will say ‘ no admission’.
Ok, may I speak to her on the phone?
Yes, you can. Number is on the school arch.
If she can speak on phone, why can’t she meet ?, I ponder.
Trrriinnggg , trrriinnggg. …
Hello, who is this?
Madam, I am Amaruvi, I am from..
Mr.Amar, if it is admission, then it is no.
Madam, my son would have to join +1. Hence..
Mr.Amar, we give admission from pre-kg only.
But my son is completing std X and would need admission for +1.
See, Mr.Amar, we admit only Pre-kg ..
So what do you suggest madam?
As I told you, we admit from pre-kg only..
But it would be too much to ask a class X student to start all over again from pre-kg. I think I would stick to Singapore. Thanks for the enlightenment madam.
Sir, I told you know, madam will say what I say only.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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