Stress buster jokes for Indians

Rahul Gandhi’s “leave of absence” during a key session of Parliament has created a crisis for the Congress. The party is facing a storm of questions on Mr Gandhi’s whereabouts.

Senior Congress leader Kamal Nath speaks to NDTV on the latest crisis which has hit the party. Here are the highlights:
I don’t think the captain has jumped the ship just because he wants to reflect, introspect and make a roadmap. That’s also party work.
Politics of the country has changed, Congress must adopt and adapt to the changes.
Yes we have lost the elections but we need a new roadmap. The AICC needs a new connect with the Congress worker and this roadmap is what Rahul Gandhi is trying to draw.
I think that the time has come where Rahul Gandhi must be given the full responsibility. He must shoulder the responsibility and then it is upto him to succeed or fail.
There are many occasions when Mrs Gandhi thinks Rahul is doing something, Rahul thinks Mrs Gandhi is doing something and it falls between two stools
It must be left to Rahul Gandhi to make his team, we must look to make a Congress party of the future
It is bizarre to hype Rahul’s leave. Rahul Gandhi is not on holiday. Rahul Gandhi is not missing. He announced that he is going.
There have been times when I told Sonia Gandhi something and she says I should talk to Rahul Gandhi; sometimes I talk to Rahul and he says he needs to talk to Sonia Gandhi because she’s party president.
Today, decisions taken in Congress are neither Mrs Gandhi’s nor Rahul’s, they belong to both.
It is unfair to judge Rahul Gandhi when he is not been in command. He should be made the president of the party and let people see his capabilities. I know what he is capable of and it will all come out when he takes up the leadership.
Rahul Gandhi told me two years ago that the Congress Working Committee (CWC) should have elections. It did not happen because there was a section in the party who were able to convince the other section that we shouldn’t. If Rahul Gandhi were the party president, we would have had elections to the CWC… he is a great democrat.

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