Global Common Poverty

I clicked this picture last night under a HDB block in Singapore. Despite governmental intervention on poverty alleviation and several welfare measures,  there are people living out of selling cardboard boxes.  This picture makes us come down from our Ivory towers and get to see the other side where people strive even for basic livelihood.

How blessed we are and how privileged we are ! Do we realise the advantageous positions that we are in ? 

Before we step on the stairs to go to our flats, let us stop for a minute and look at the void. If there are left over materials then the man has not yet come. If the place is empty he has come and cleared our wastes. And our discards get him his kopi and chicken rice.

Before we queue before an iPhone shop a day before a new phone launch, let us remember this image.  Can we not live without that new phone ? Is our obsessive consumerism helping this man in any way ? 

Let us ponder for a moment before we make that wholly un-necessary purchase. And Sg 50 is the time to get into a resolve to help alleviate such anomalies and contribute towards nation building along with the govt.


Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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