Freedom at school

I recently met two children – twins – who had recently shifted school. They had moved from an extremely strict school to a relatively free school in Chennai.

I asked them whether they were happy in their new school. Both children jumped in joy and said they were extremely happy in the new school. I asked them the reason.

‘I can keep my hair in any fashion- single braid, double, pony tail, anything.’

‘Don’t you have any other reason?’

‘Yes, one more. Teachers don’t scold like what our earlier school teachers did.’

I think the children hit it on the nail. They need freedom- freedom from fear and the freedom to conduct themselves in a manner they deem fit and be happy.

The older school has stupid rules such as below :

  1. Children shall not bring snacks to school.
  2. Leave letters should be given as computer print outs in a standard template.
  3. Parents cannot ask the teachers any questions.
  4. In PTMs, teacher would pronounce the verdict and the parent has to hear. Parents cannot ask any questions even in the PTMs.
  5. Parent cannot contact the teacher in any manner to inquire about the child.
  6. Children would be expelled if any of the above are not adhered.

These are distilled stupidities camouflaged as rules in the guise of instilling discipline.

I am not going to name the schools. But teachers who read this, please note.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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