Syrian crisis – what ?

Do you know about the middle east problem ? Here is how simple it is :
  1. Syria is Iran’s friend.
  2. Saudi Arabia is Iran’s enemy.
  3. So, Syria is Saudi’s enemy.
  4. Hence Saudi supported Syrian rebels.
  5. US was Saudi’s friend.
  6. Hence Iran was US’s enemy.
  7. But Iran became US’s friend recently.
  8. Even then Iran is Saudi’s enemy.
  9. Hence Saudi supported Syrian rebels.
  10. But Syrian rebels became ISIS.
  11. US didn’t want to fight ISIS.
  12. Because Saudi would be angry.
  13. Hence Saudi attacked ISIS.
  14. But they didn’t want to destroy ISIS in full- brothers, you see.
  15. ISIS exists.
  16. The Syrian people became stateless.
  17. And so they went to Europe.
Still if you didn’t get what the problem is, start from Point 1.
Who bothers if people are killed?  As long as oil flows, all is well.
Did anybody mention ‘Syrian crisis’ ?

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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