My way of being 'intolerant'

Pusillanimity – that is what i need to call the action or the lack of it of the worthies. Those that have been keeping mum over the Paris murders – what else to call them ? Neutered men ? But that does not point to these people in the true sense of the word. I was looking for a stronger word but abandoned my search. This is why :

If the attacks would have been from the right wing, these worthies would have taken the moral high ground and preached to all and sundry about the need for secularism, the concern on rising right wing terrorism et al. But when middle east related terrorism rears its head every time, these people keep quiet. They decry the violence but don’t go any further.  To top it all, they ice the cake with a call for restraint.

Some even have the temerity to find reasons behind such carnages. Though that points to a sick mind, it also points to a lack of concern on what one has to say in such situations – a kind of damned attitude. Psychologists could possibly term these are behavioural problems of a mind that has been fed on hatred and poisonous thoughts.

Who are the worthies ? What have they said in the past? How are they expected to behave in the future ? I leave the guessing to your imagination.

So what should we learn from this guarded silence ?

This is what we should learn :

Be silent about these eminences. Don’t talk about them and don’t spread word. Don’t even decry them and their statements or the lack of them. Ignore. And that is the greatest punishment to these worthies.

So, this blog takes a stand : There shall be no mention about any of the worthies in this site. And the worthies are :

  1. Mani Shankar Ayer
  2. Rahul Gandhi
  3. Sonia Gandhi
  4. Sitaram Yechuri
  5. K.Veeramani
  6. Karunanidhi
  7. Vaiko
  8. Indira Parthasarathy
  9. Gnaani
  10. Arundati Roy

What do I seek to gain by boycotting these eminences ?

Peace of Mind. And that is my way of protesting against these elements and their silences on this crucial issue facing the peace loving countries.

I consider the very act of writing on these worthies is, by itself, below the dignity of this blog and its readers.

Leave your comments if you agree with this. Comment even if you don’t agree. But spread word.

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