Soniaji, Just two words

Dear Soniaji – Just two words to you. Shut Up.

You have no business to disrupt my parliament for your family business.

Get the facts first. The National Herald case is not worth the salt that the Indians eat in a year. So better shut up.

If you have problem with Modi being PM, then say so. Bring a no-confidence motion in parliament and try out. If it succeeds, you win. If it doesn’t, will your 40 MPs resign ?

If you have a problem with the BJP, fight an election against them. Don’t stop parliament.

If you guys don’t want to  speak in Parliament, then do one thing. Shut Up and allow others to speak. You have no business stalling my country.

Again, Soniaji, we are watching and we are not damn fools, for we are not from your party.

This National Herald case is your damn family problem, a result of your avarice. If you have a problem with the court, have guts and say so. And remember, that would be held in contempt of court and you could lose your MP seat. So, just to be safe, Shut Up.

Don’t take cue from P.Chidambaram. He can talk anything about the case, for he is not an MP anymore. But your seat is at stake. So, better Shut Up.

I pity you. I know your problem. Your half-wit son is your problem. I know you are frustrated with him. But that is a genetic carry over. What can I, an Indian by gene, do for that?

And there is a means to shut your child up. Send him to Bangkok. He seems to have a fascination for the place. If in parliament, ask him to Shut Up. Even George Bush looks like Einstein if your son speaks.

Again, your half-wit son is definitely an embarrassment. Not for you, but for me. I am ashamed and alarmed every time he opens his mouth.

There is a way to shut him up. Get him married. Guys stop talking the moment they are married.

And for you, talk to Karunanidhi once. He knows the power of silence, the way he was silent when Tamils were killed in Sri Lanka.

Or there is another way. Join Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK. Once you join the party, you automatically become dumb with the exception of bleating the word ‘Amma’ twice every one second.

But, until then, just shut your mouth up and let parliament function. For it is my country’s future that is at stake, not yours.

Yours Angrily,

An Indian.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

6 thoughts on “Soniaji, Just two words”

  1. I fully agree with you. People are also frustrated. We know, Congress is only doing what BJP was doing last time. BJP started this and M/s Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj led the obstruction, even at the drop of a hat.
    What is the end result? Parliament is unable to conduct any business.
    We also know, Mr. Modi is an authoritarian and has scant regard for Parliament. He has asked Mr. Jaitley to face the Opposition, so that he can continue his overseas visits uninterrupted ( there are so many Countries he has to visit.) Further we know that whatever Congress and Sonia do, Rahul Gandhi cannot succeed. He is doing to Congress what Aurangzeb did for Mughal Empire.



  2. This should reach the lady and her idiotic son. Having no guts to face a case, this lady brought from a foreign country, is stalling the functions of Parliament of this country. What a shame ? When Congress party is having lakhs and lakhs of members, can’t they search and found an Indian to head the party? But for this idiot, the Congress is digging its’ own grave. The party followers atleast think twice, thrice and come to a conclusion now. This lady has not yet thrown her Italian citizenship, and is holding Indian citizenship also, thereby fooling the Election Commission of India, and betraying the congress party followers. But a day is going to come, when she has to answer for all her wrongdoings.


  3. Excellent piece… Kudos to you for saying what you said… Perhaps that is also a genetic carry over 🙂

    Clearly, the Congress party is bereft of ideas and is a sore loser. It is well known that when someone runs out of ideas or does not have anything worthwhile to say, especially in a debate, he/she resorts to shouting in the ruse that their voice will be heard, maybe not necessarily he words they speak. Our parliamentarians have resorted to this ugly tactic. Sadly, this is now disrupting the progress of the nation. No wonder they said “the opposite of progress is congress”

    Finally, a word for Modiji… Make no mistake, I have a great regard for Modiji, appreciate his spunk and believe he will lead India to much greater heights. People who like to hop on the “criticize Modi” bandwagon without putting any thought to what he actually is doing, is actually joining the “Rahulji bandwagon”.

    However, he may well do himself justice by getting some of the sharp shooters (with their tongues) from his own party to shut up as well… They are doing more harm to him than good. He just has to look across the well of the parliament to see what “not shutting” up can cause to the county

    An outside supporting Indian


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