One (k)night stand

It was clear that she had smiled at me for the second time. Clad in a tight top and a fashionable jean that revealed more than it covered, she had a mesmerising presence. We were the only occupants of the waiting room in the airport lounge and were seated on the two rows of chairs facing each other. The time of the night and the cool breeze from tthe air conditioner accentuated the general feeling of romance.

A few minutes passed or was it hours? I was getting impatient when I saw that she had gestured to me by a sleight of her hand. Was it real? Was she an apparition? I was thinking while observing her every movement.

That was when she made the move. She shifted her leg, placed one over the other, cast a seductive smile before pursing her lips and blowing a kiss. What more sign does one need?

Oh My God! Is this what they call ‘One Night Stand?’

My body stiffened. I didn’t want to miss the chance and got ready for any eventuality. How should I begin? I thought to myself. Racking my brain to remember some scenes from the many books that I had read, I finally stood up and started towards her.

That was when the little boy, hiding behind me, darted across the aisle shouting ‘Mooommmy.’

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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