Water in the moon, what next ?

Well, water has been found on the moon, thanks to Chandrayaan and the M3 equipment from NASA. As usual, the moot question follows : Can we take that for ourselves ? When we are not able to share water between two states within a sovereign nation and therefore resort to bus-burning, statue erecting and other gimmicks to keep ourselves busy to “find” solutions to water problems, how are we going to utilize water in the moon ?

When we may not be able to take the water from moon to earth in the near future, it would be a wise idea to demarcate our “territories” in the lunar surface on a priority basis so that there is no LOC / LAC kind of altercation at a later point in time when different nations vie with earch other for terrirories in the moon.

Probably Pakistan ( with the help of China, obviously ) would want to create a ‘moonistan’ in the lunar landscape citing reasons of the relation between the different phases of the moon and the advent of ‘ramzan’ and also citing the presence of the moon in its national flag. There could be supporters too for this, in India, in keeping in line with our ‘secular’ tradition of accepting anything ‘pro-minority’ as holy and thus sacrosanct.

Next in line would be the exploration in the moon for the presence of oil so that the arabic nations can claim that since oil has been gifted to them by the Almighty in earth, the same principle would need to be adopted in the moon and thus all oil wells would need to belong to them. Probably a verse or two from some holy book could be cited as ‘evidence’ as well.

What can you expect the UPA govt to do next ? Start a new scheme ‘Rajiv Gandhi Lunar Yojana” and hand that over to some lunatics from the HRD ministry and the History Re-writing Committee and ask them to compose verses in praise of Rajiv / Indira / Rahul / Priyanka and find out some hidden meanings into their erstwhile statements and the moon and thus proclaim to the world that those ‘prodigies’ had indeed predicted the presence of water in the moon. There are very many ways to indulge in hypocrisy and one such would be what is stated above.

When the Congress behaves thus, can Mayawati be left behind ? There would be another “Ambedkar Park ” establishment project in the moon so that the ‘dalits’ would be emancipated on earth. Forget whether they have water to drink on earth. What is more important is the grant statuization initiative in the moon . If the courts scoff at that, then proclaim to the world that the courts are anti-dalits and go to elections.

While these parties become busy exploiting the moon, then shall come the ‘party with a difference’ that has currently become ‘the party without reverence’. It would be correct to say that this party can be called ‘ the differentially enabled party’ as well. Yes, it is the BJP that is spoken about here, if you remember that such a party existed on the face of India once upon a time when Atalji reigned. Coming back to the moon – the BJP’s next election manifesto ( if the party remains intact till then ) would proclaim that since the moon existed in the mythology of India and as Chandrayaan has found out water in the moon, there needs to be a separate temple for ‘Chandran’ in Chandrapur in Maharashtra with “Chandrayaan” as a ‘vahanam’ installed in front of the presiding deity. Needless to say that a section of ‘secular’ parties, with support from similarly inclined media, would come up with a theory as rancid as the ‘Aryan Invasion Theory’ that in the proposed site for building the temple, there once existed a mosque / church / Jain Vihaar ( depending upon the vote bank that they seek to entice ) and would start an agitation on the lines of ‘Chandrapur Masjid Action Committee’ or as the case may be.

In the sidelines would be the ‘Left’ who have recently been left out of the political mainstream ( read blackmailing position ) in the elections. The Karat family, having been left out of media space for quite some time as also the Yechury warrior along with the T.Pandian-D.Raja comedy duo, would want to stage demonstrations wherever they find space. But you should not ask as to what they are demonstrating for or against as you could be termed anti-burgeoise anti-prelitariate if you do so.

While all these happen at the national scene, the Dravidian Rationalists from the Rationalist Republic of Tamil Nadu would have comeup with a novel plan. They would have spoken to both the Congress and the BJP and promised support for either of their schemes on the following conditions :

1. In the proposed temple, Annadurai and EVR should be the ‘Dwarapalakas’
2. Kanimozhi would need to be personified as Andaal
3. Stalin and Azhagiri would need to be engraved as Hanumaan and Garuda
4. Dhayanidhi would need to be the archaka ( priest )
5. T.R. Baalu would need to get the contract to build the temple
6. ‘Murasoli’ would need to be the official mouthpiece of the project
7. ‘Chandrayaan Award’ would need to be conferred on Kalaignar Karunanidhi

And Jayalalitha would continue to confabulate with Sasikala in the pristine environs of Kodanadu in the Nilgris as if there is nothing worthwhile happening in the country. You should believe that she is resting after the elections in the state.

And thus the Indian Political Tamasha would continue.

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  1. Rationalists are against Temples by principle(?) , but another principle is convinience , which always gains priority – So, whether it is the congress or BJP, whoever grants hese wishes will be the Rationalist Republic s 'friend' – sorry – 'Anbu Annan ' 😉


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