Here is an excerpt from the pages of ‘The Hindu’ dated 01-January-2030

Local News:

Madurai: The Chief Minister of South Tamil Nadu Mr.George Azhagiri presided over the 250th foundation laying ceremony for an IT park in Madurai. It is to be noted that all the 249 foundations stones are still intact in their older installed sites all over Madurai functioning as mile stones to depict the journey of IT in the city.

Chennai : The Chief Minister of North Tamil Nadu Mr. Anna Nidhi Stalin conducted the routine review meeting of the latest slew of fly-overs in the City. It might be noted that currently there are over 1000 flyovers all over the city and the current set of flyovers are being constructed over the existing flyovers to ease traffic on the currently operational flyovers.

The Opposition Leader in the North Tamil Nadu Assembly, Mr. Doctor Ayya Anbumani ( grand son of Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss ) reiterated his earlier demand that the statues of Dr.Ramadoss be erected all over the state should be attended to at the earliest. It might be noted that Dr.Ramadoss ( the founder of the now-defunct PMK ) merged his party with the AIADMK some 20 years ago after a string of defeats in the local assembly elections.

In another turn of events, the DK has proposed a motion that statues of its erstwhile leader K.Veeramani be erected near the currently existing statues of EVR all over the state. This, they say, would help erradicate the ‘brahmin hegemony’ in the state. It is a different matter that there are no brahmins left in the state as all of them have either migrated to the US on H1B visas ( to work in temples that have sprung all over the USA ) or have chosen to move to the other states in the country.

National News:

New Delhi: The BJP, the main opposition party, reiterated their demand for expediting the hanging of Afzal Guru. It might be noted that Afzal Guru was supposedly responsible for the attack on the parliament some 40 years ago.

Interestingly the UPA government has invited Afzal Guru to preside over the Republic Day celebrations this year. The government feels that Afzal Guru’s presence would help it win the J&K elections soon.

Home Minister Karthik Chidambaram ( son of an earlier Home Minister P.Chidambaram ) reiterated his resolve to fight terrorism. This he explained in the presence of Ajmal Kasab, one of the attackers during the 26/11/2008 attacks on Mumbai. Readers might note that Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru had earlier formed a political party by name TMK ( Terrorists Munnetra Kazhagam ) and have close to 10 MPs in the current parliament who provide outside support to the UPA-VI government.

International :

India’s Prime Minister Mr. Joseph Vadra Gandhi ( son-in-law of Smt. Priyanka Gandhi ), currently on his 10th visit to the USA, requested the US President George Bush VI Jr. to instruct Pakistan to stop funding terrorists in J & K. The US President, it may be recalled, a nobel peace prize winner famous for his talks on peace, has reportedly assured the Indian PM that he would speak with the Pakistan President Mr.Ashraf Musharraf, the grand son of the former President Pervez Musharraf.

Special News from Tamil Nadu ( both North and South ):

Mr. Aaditya, son of Smt.Kanimozhi, inaugurated a campaign to fight for the rights of the Sri Lankan Tamils. It might be noted that such a campaign has been going on for more than 50 years.

Regular Local News:

Villagers staged a road-roko in Tiruchi to demand drinking water for their village.

Anna University postponed its admissions for the 8th time as the High Court had stayed the implementation of the reservation in admissions in the University as the same had exceeded 100 %.

The lawyers of the Madras High Court boycotted the courts for the second year in succession for an incident that occured around 20 years ago in the court premises. It is a different matter that it would not have helped expedite the pending cases even if they had not boycotted the courts.

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4 thoughts on “01-January-2030”

  1. I liked the court staying Anna University admissions as the reservations exceeded 100 %. India s future is indeed in safe hands :).On a serious note, make it Jan 1, 2130 and news would still be the same, except for the names that would be the great grandsons of the ones in this article :)Dhas


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