Why not a "Bharat Ratna" for Kasab ?

So, why the hue and cry for the killers of Rajiv and that too by Karunanidhi and a bunch of hoodlums comprising of mis-guided students, electorally defeated caste chieftains such as Ramdoss and Thirumavalavan ?

The ostensible reason : it has taken 20 years to arrive at the death sentence for the killers. And the killers are Tamils. Hence the death sentence should be commuted to life imprisonment.

A mute question here : The 17 other policemen who were killed along with Rajiv Gandhi, were they not Tamil enough ?

So who rejected the mercy petition in the first place ? Smt.Pratibha Patil ( if the name is not familiar, she is the President of the Republic of India ).

Why did she reject ? Because the Union Cabinet rejected the mercy petition and hence advised her thus to do so.

Why did the Cabinet reject the mercy petition ? Because the Governor of Tamil Nadu recommended so.

Why did the Governor recommend thus ? Because the State govt of Tamil Nadu advised thus.

So, who was the head of the TN govt then who did this recommendation ? Shri. Karunanidhi, the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in the year 2000.

So why does Karunanidhi back the mercy petition now in 2011 ? Probably this is ‘Paguththarivu’ or rationalism.

But some ‘rational’ questions remain.

Why does Karunanidhi not talk to Pratibha directly on this ? Is is he who backed her Presidential candidature first and in fact took pride in bringing forth a woman for that position.

Also, who are participating in the protests ? Law breaking ‘law’less students who aspire to become ‘lawyers’. How do they protest ? By climbing on trains and staging ‘rasta-roko’. Here we see pictures of ‘lawyers’ climbing the gates of the high court in Madurai Tamil Nadu. Probably this is how lawyers ‘stand-up’ for justice to prevail .(Note that these people had not come out to protest for Anna Hazare.)

And immediately some innocent students / young people commit suicide by self-immolation. And people who self-immolate are invariably from the lower income group who have nothing but idealism in their minds and who are fired by speeches that they keep hearing. Sengodi, a teen-age student immolated herself for the cause of the 3 prisoners.

Now, how does a suicide help in this cause ? In case the three prisoners’ life sentences are commuted, what happens to the parents of the girl who self immolated ? Interestingly, no relative of the pro-LTTE leaders commit such acts.

How does a suicide bomber like Kasab justify to be kept alive at state expense ? In any case he had come on a mission to kill and be killed.

Hence it follows that once the date of hanging of Kasab approaches, there could be people from section of the population who would argue for commuting his sentence.

We have heard of ‘Arjuna’ awardees languishing in poverty in India. But Kasab and Afzal Guru are being fed and taken care of at our cost.

Therefore, instead of waiting for long, let us confer ‘Bharat Ratna’ on Kasab and officially take care of him for the rest of his life. That would be a great tribute to the Indians who were killed in the events of 26/Nov/2008.

One thought on “Why not a "Bharat Ratna" for Kasab ?

  1. The greatest comedy of all is that Karunanidhi claims that "had Rajiv Gandhi been alive, he would have followed a policy of forget and forgive the guilty"… He does not even understand that if Rajiv Gandhi been alive, there would have been no case in the first place.Shows how senile he is become with no power and all his family members in serious troubles


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