Mid-year Performance Appraisal — Nov’11 to Mar’12

Appraiser :  An Indian who speaks Tamil
Appraised : Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Overall Rating : .4.0/10 ( Needs improvement )

Tasks Assigned : 

  1. Provide a government to the state

Tasks Performed : 

  1. Koodankulam Correction
  2. Grabbing of land grabbers ( DMK Ministers )
  3. Uniform Education Scheme Retreat 
  4. Freebie Raj
  5. Continuation of  Anna Library conundrum
  6. Mullaiperiyaar Stands

Achievements : 

  1. Massive By-election victory
  2. Principled stand on Mullaiperiyaar
  3. Sasikala Dacoity Gang removal ( as of this writing )
  4. Retirement to Karunanidhi
Anti-National Acts Performed : 
  1. NA
Unnecessary Tasks Performed : 
  1. Too much importance to comedy actor Vijaykanth
  2. Continuation of Cut-out Culture 

Appraiser Comments :

  1. I am not interested in what Karuna did or did not do when in power. I am interested in what you have done especially to address the power supply issue. I know that you support ‘going green’ and observing the ‘Earth hour’ by switching-off lights. But that cannot be done for 12 hours per day.
  2. Appreciate your principled stand in Mullaoperiyar Dam issue. I know that the Center is the major hurdle in this. Hence I support your fight in upholding the state’s rights,
  3. Addressing the election manifesto items is your prerogative. But that cannot be at the cost of developmental works and you cannot cite the election manifesto to not concentrate on developmental issues that are of importance to me, the common man.
  4. I have come to believe that the Taliban would find Chennai more habitable than Afghanistan as the roads in Chennai are more crater ridden than those in Afghanistan. Yes, Karuna did the damage but you are here to repair.
  5. You have changed your ministers more often than Karuna would have changed his policies on Tamil Eelam. Appointing ministers is your prerogative but do exercise due care while appointing them so that they need not have to be changed like diapers.
  6. Yourself and your ministers should subject themselves to debates on regional TVs first and then graduate to national TV later. This is the only way to make yourselves known to the general public than smile down from cut-outs and banners which are a national waste much like the Mayawati elephants.
  7. Movie Production is an industry like any other industry. Why should you exempt them from paying service tax while any other industry like Manufacturing is mandated to pay the same ? Is Movie production a national activity ? You are here to provide governance and not to follow your predecessor. You could ignore this at your own peril.
  8.  How different are the killers of Rajiv from the three guys convicted in the Dharmapuri bus burning incident? If you want clemency for Rajiv killers, why not demand the same to all the other killers in and out of jail ?  Your predecessor did these tricks and you know where he is now.
  9. The only way to answer the Koodankulam hoodlums is to open more of such reactors. An Abdul Kalam can be trusted than a Manmohan Singh. And there is no harm in implementing the suggestions made by Kalam. Probably name the schemes after Anna Durai or EVR and the ‘rationalist’ zealots wouldn’t open their mouths. Probably an Ambedkar could be used in good measure to shut-up the Thirumaas and the other Verumaas. 
  10. And the best way to make fun of the DMK is to allow Stalin to speak in the Assembly. He will ensure that the DMK becomes the butt of ridicule all by himself.
  11. The way to tackle the anti-nationals and other LTTE types like Vaiko, Nedumaaran and Ramdoss is to continue to ignore them. They will talk their way to obscurity all by themselves. They are adepts at that – the way they finished off the LTTE by ‘talking’ for them is a case in point.

Suggestions for Improvement :

  1. As per the earlier assessment, please refer to the Gujarat Model of Governance and you could probably stand a chance to appear in the cover of ‘Time’ magazine as well.
General Remark :

  1. The ‘Sasikala’ removal and re-induction drama is your family problem. That does not fall under the ambit of this appraisal. However if the re-induction drama results in a ‘return to the old ways’ of governance, then you would have to accompany Karuna in watching Tom and Jerry either in your house or in Tamil Nadu House a.k.a. Tihar.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

One thought on “Mid-year Performance Appraisal — Nov’11 to Mar’12”

  1. Dear Amaruvi,Though few of the appraisal points are not acceptatble to me, I really appreciate the way you narrated the remaining and the best one is "You have changed your ministers more often than Karuna would have changed his policies on Tamil Eelam".And, again again i'm criticising your pro-lalitha comments. Whenever you talks about her whether good or bad, you get 'over enthusiasm' in targeting MK(note, i'm a staunch critic of MK) and ignoring lalitha's previous tenures. She too ruled this state 2 times but done nothing towards the betterment of the state.Hope the almighty will change your mind in due course when you watch Lalitha's actions in the next 4 years…Cheers,Saravanan


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