Gods must be crazy ..

Yes, you guessed it right. I have received comments , brick-bats, accusations, suggestions, advice, direction etc based on my previous post trying to understand some fundamental stuff. And this piece is to answer those.

All have expressed anguish and sadness at the demise of the child. Predictably many have quoted from various scriptures and gurus on the probable answers and the direction that Sam needs to take. Some have advised delving deep into some sub-sect related scriptures while some have relied heavily on some famous gurus and their sayings. A couple of readers have accused me of blasphemy and sent comments that I was tending to be atheistic and that was not the right course.

But the questions raised last time were not relating to the existence of God. Whether one believes in His existence or not is left to one’s own analysis and decision.

Most of us have been so indoctrinated into some belief system quite early in life that questioning the fundamental beliefs is considered sacrilege. But, what at least needs to be done is to try and understand the purpose of the beliefs, validate the belief structure in relation to the present and adopt the results.

What I had tried to raise in the earlier post was that on the one hand God is known to us as all-encompassing, all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipotent, omniscient et al. That is the basic premise. Given that is the case, how does one answer such absurdities like a loving child being taken away in no time, for no fault of hers, that too with no notice ?

Why should we have differently enabled children ? Why should afflictions happen to children at very early ages and the child should continue to suffer over its lifetime ? Issues such as Dyslexia, several other deformities both internal and external and the different syndromes like Attention Deficit — what did the soul of the child ( in its previous birth, just in case that belief is true ) do to deserve these reduction of normal abilities ? Even if the ‘soul’ would have been a Hitler (so to say ), in its previous birth, what is the rationale behind punishing the child ? When even the Penal Code designed by mere humans prescribes punishment only after 18 years of age, how does the ‘code’ designed by the Universal Architect start punishing a child even during infancy ?

Now, I don’t mean to say that these questions have not been asked in the past. But the point is, I feel, the different spiritual explanations provided by the seers and gurus for these questions are characteristically similar irrespective of the religion or sect :

We do not know the ways of God. 
We are incapable of understanding the meaning of ‘karma’. 
Therefore subscribe to my school of thought and be at peace or at least pretend to be at peace. 
For the answers, do not look elsewhere, look into yourself and you will get the answer“.

‘Answers’ such as the above splashed with sanskrit / greek / tamil / hebrew words and verses are only being supplied. The ingredients of the ‘Answers’ vary only in proportion but the essence is the same –

 ” You don’t know. 
Only I know, hence go through these and be pacified. 
In case you are not pacified, then you have not believed in what I have told you. 
So better believe what I have told you and begin to think that you have got the ‘Answer'”.

Nothing else other than the above.

And Sam and people like him who want to know the ‘Answer’ but have not got that begin to pretend that they have got the ‘Answer’. They are forced to conform to standards. And the degree of conformity is the speed with which they return to the ” Spiritual Path ” of their guru / verse / text whatever.

And the Universal Architect continues in His characteristic ways with another Sam another day.

Sure, He must be crazy ( women’s libbers pardon me. He could be a She as well. I don’t know ).

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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