These are my dreams for 2013 and not necessarily in the same order. I am not responsible for any hospitalization due to over-laughing ..

1. Tamil Nadu exports power as there has been excessive power production.
2. Karuna and Jaya join hands to jointly fight for Cauvery water.
3. Dr.Ramadoss ( maruthuvar Ayya for the elite ) has dissolved the PMK ( it was already extinct in 2012)
4. Chennai Auto Drivers use a proper meter for the trips.
5. Chennaithe Auto Drivers speak Tamil ( they usually abused the commuters and hence that was not Tamil )
6. Chettinaadu Vidyashram and Padma Seshadri schools don’t accept donations.
7. MTC buses have doors.
8. MTC buses are air-conditioned ( idhu rumba over … )
9. Tamil News Channels have started speaking in Tamil.
10. Tamil channel anchors don’t sway their hands anymore while speaking.
11. Karunanidhi wishes for Deepavali.
12. DMK adopts a resolution against corruption ( idhu rumba over .. )
13. Delhi rape case culprits executed.
14. Prime Minister Singh’s speeches are audible and more frequent.
15. A.Raja apologizes for his wrongs in 2G
16. Kamal Haasan speaks in short sentences without confusing anybody – gives straight answers.
17. Tamil Channels have stopped telecasting Tamil films on festival days and have started telecasting the
       speeches of Kirupananda Variar, Pulavar Keeran etc.
18. Students remain seated in MTC buses.
19. IT companies file proper tax returns and don’t fudge their taxes.
20. Parliament and Assemblies work and pass laws.
21. IT resumes are not fudged.
22. OMR builders hand over homes on time .
23. Azhagiri speaks in Parliament.
24. O.Paneerselvam does not perform acrobatics in front of Jayalalitha.
25. Kudankulam begins power production.
26. TN schools have functioning toilets.
27. Corporation school students in 7 std are able to write 10 sentence essays.
28. Iyengars spend time going to temple instead of fighting over Vadakalai and Thenkalai.
29. The Hindu becomes nationalistic and it’s editorial board is dissolved.
30. Arundati Roy speaks up for the Delhi rape victim instead of hobnobbing with the communists.
31. Kanimozhi remains at home taking care of son Aadityaa.
32. Educated Indians vote on Election Day.
33. Sri Lankan Tamil Issue is finally resolved and Tamils get equal rights.
34. Vaiko becomes an Indian and starts speaking about India.
35. Jayalalitha regularly addresses press conferences.
36. Govt school teachers attend school regularly.
37. Singapore deputes its officers to learn Mosquito control techniques from Chennai Corporation.
38. Chennai roads are not used as parking lots anymore. Road users actually use roads.
39. HR & CE Department officials visit Tamil Nadu temples under their control.
40. Sumangali Cable in Chennai provides receipt for monthly cable subscriptions.


3 thoughts on “My utopian dreams for 2013

  1. Good one!! Few important dreams missing in the list though..** Rahul stops targeting huts to snatch their supper** Elec bills for poes garden and gopalapuram** Censor board learns new alphabets other than A and U


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