Some "rational" questions ..

Strange as it may sound, as a Tamil, I do not support the current “uprising” of the students in particular and Tamil people in general. Well, I am prepared to be vilified for that – having been an object of vilification for a long time for some extremely uncomfortable but common-sense writings that seek to question the very basis of certain beliefs such as Dravidian egalitarianism, rationalist ideology , an euphemism for Brahmin bashing, and ‘secularism’ – the Indian version of pusillanimity.

Some basic questions need to be answered. Yes, I don’t expect the elite Tamil nationalists -read chauvinists- to answer but at least understand that such questions are still prevalent in this mob hysterical sense of Tamil nationalism.

When Prabakaran killed the other Tamil leaders like Siri. Sabarathinam, Padmanabha, Lakshman Kadirgaamar, Joseph Para Raja, veteran Amirthalingam in cold blood, why was this euphoria not seen at all? Were the Tamil people not concerned about the welfare of those very same Sri Lankan Tamils then? Why were those killings justified? Even Karunanidhi lamented that the Tamil fighters were destroying themselves in a fratricidal war. Not even a whimper of protest then!

How did Rajapakshe come to power? Who prevented the Tamil populace from voting in the last elections? Why was Ranil Wickramasinghe defeated? The answer is not difficult to find. It was the LTTE that prevented the Tamil people from voting and hence helped Rajapahske win. So whose fault is it that Rajapakshe is in power now ?

Yes, it was a pathetic sight to see this young Balachandran killed in cold blood. The perpetrators should be tried and probably handed out the death penalty. But were not female suicide bombers used by the same Tigers to assassinate people? How many such young Tamil lives were lost ? If you destroy the progenitors how does your clan develop? And why not even a murmur of protest then on these acts ?

How come Kanimozhi, Baalu and Thirumaa visit Raajapakshe and hand out shawls to him and on return to India lament about genocide ? Is this not the worst case of double speak and act ?

Some questions are better not asked at all.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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