Lifes’ quirks

26 Mar

“It seems to be the rule. One doesn’t want a thing yet has it but the other doesn’t have it but neeeds it. Like men have wives but don’t seem to want them while there sre single souls that need wives but aren’t able to get them ” – Jerome K Jerome , ‘Three men in a boat’.

Somehow when I was reading this it reminded me of Stalin and Azhagiri and their sons. They have been born into this world to fight for the downtrodden,  help in the emancipation of the oppressed,  standby those that don’t have one square meal a day. But they have unknowing to themselves imported
Toyota Estima, BMW Lexus, Prado and similar such cars that are remotely   connected with ‘socil justice’ and their other professed occupations and were also so poor that they didn’t have money to pay the customs duty. How pitiful the situation is!

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