Telling lies, no PM

The Chinese incursion seems to have been ended or what do they say for that ? Un-incursion ? What ever that might be. Oh yeah, the troops have moved to their previous positions. This is what the government wants us to believe.

Well in addition to its many lies, let us believe in this too.

Realistically what can be the plan to contain or at least make China think twice before embarking on such irritating incursions?

Make friends with his enemies, stupid. We have a whole lot like Japan, US, Philippines, Thailand and the lot.and China makes an enemy per day.
String of pearls strategy as proposed earlier by Brajesh Mishra needs to be followed through.

Note: In this whole incursion episode, the CPI and CPI (M) kept mum all through. Imagine if the US would have done this and their reactions. And no editorials on this from The Hindu either. This is in Tamil called “Pagutharivu”.

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