Telling lies, yes papa..

Patience is indeed a virtue. Otherwise the people of Tamil Nadu could not have been so quiet despite facing such enormous power cuts that last more than 12 hours per day. Various reasons are cited on a daily basis- one day it is the hydel power shortage , on day two it is the lack of wind to increase the power generation from wind mills and on day three it is the coal-inadequacy and on day four it is the Uranium inadequacy in Australia.

It certainly is an art to keep telling lies and getting away with it every time and the union ministers and the state governments have become adepts in that.

So, in our eternal quest to help the politicians and administrators overcome this power deficit situation or rather help them in inventing lies, here is a compilation of future reasons that they could use to fool the people. I am hoping for a seat in the Rajya Sabha ( Upper House ) next time for this great service that I am rendering them :

  1. The recent meteor shower in Russia, as per our preliminary findings, is the cause for this reduction in power generation in Tamil Nadu that is 8000 KM away from the meteor site.
  2. There is a sudden slowdown in the rotation of the moon on its own axis. This causes increase in tidal waves and hence reduces the wind power thus hindering the wind power generation.
  3. We observe that there is a black hole in the Andromeda galaxy that is about 100 light years away from our Milky Way Galaxy. Therefore there is a general pull towards this Black Hole that results in a general degradation of water flow in the rivers in India which cause a reduction in the hydro electric power generation.
  4. There is an increased fishing activity in the Bay of Bengal that results in the disturbance to ocean currents that cause the delay in monsoons which result in reduction in rainfalls. And that results in the decreased water flow to Mettur Dam and therefore there is a reduction in hydro-electric power generation.
  5. People get agitated now-a-days for silly things that results in verbal duels which cause an increase in temperature of the surroundings that result in the melting of ice-caps and also changes the wind direction. This causes a reduction in wind power generation.
  6. The television debates in NDTV, CNN-IBN etc cause a lot of heat. Please refer the previous reason for the effect of heat.
  7. People have started eating lots of spicy foods and hence exhale lot of hot air. Please refer to the previous point for further explanation.
  8. People have started believing in Gods , especially Hindu Gods and hence have started visiting temples. There they break lots of coconuts as offerings to Gods and that results in noise pollution which in turn changes the wind direction which results in wind power reduction.
  9. Now-a-days Uranium atoms have become smaller in size and hence their capacity to yield energy. Hence Koodankulam project is getting delayed. Had it not been for this atomic size, the power plant would have become operational by now.
  10. There is an increase in air traffic across the oceans and the aeroplanes cause a change in direction of the winds. These delay the monsoon and hence hydro electric generation is affected.
  11. The local Ayyanaar deities have not been pacified this summer as there has not been enough goats available for them to be sacrificed. Hence this has delayed the onset of rains to fill in the dams.

If you come across any more of such reasons as above, please mail them to the public relations department of the government.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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