Shutting down, yes papa ..

“What do you mean the US govt is shutting down ?”, eight year old Bharat asked me when I was glued to CNN.

He had earlier in the day visited the Nasa Kids website , his usual routine to play space games, and had apparently been greeted by the shut down message.

“Shutting down means shutting down. Power off”, I blurted, still looking at Anderson Cooper.

“But power off is not shutting down, right?”, pestered Bharat.

Losing patience, I said, “What ever. But the government is shut down. You better look at your Oggy and the Cockroaches”.

“But Appa, how can somebody shut down a country? It does not have a key board, right?”, he kept on.

“Bharat, better look at the lego video and leave me in peace. I have to watch CNBC to look at the stocks”, I said.

“Okay, but one final question. Actually two final questions”, he pleaded to which I agreed.

“Appa, why should the government be shut down ?”, he asked.

“Because they don’t have money. And so they shut down”.

“You mean, they didn’t have money ? And Obama said close the doors?”, he continued.

“Something like that. But you have exceeded your questions”.

“That is okay Appa. But why shut down ? Why not, say, take money from ATM?”

“Well, ATM is fine. But no money in the government’s account”. I thought I had escaped.

“No Appa, If they need money, they could have sold the space stations to other countries, right?”, he asked. Sensible question though. But I didn’t have an answer.

“I still have a doubt”, he said. I was thinking of escape routes but found none.

“Appa, when you have to shut down, but don’t want to shut down, you can put it in ‘Sleep’ right ? That is what we do to the computer”, he said.

“Good idea, but it probably didn’t occur to Obama uncle”, I stammered.

“Or they could have logged off”, he said. I had five minutes of peace after which he came up again.

“Appa, how about switch user? Why did not Obama do that?”,he asked.

“Bharat, that ‘switch-user’ is not for Obama to make. It is for the people to do. They do it once every four years. It is called elections”, I triumphantly declared and was rather pleased at my answer.

“But Appa, do we have ‘switch user’ in India?”, he said.

I give up. Let me know if you know whom to switch to in India.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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