How may I help you today , Sir ?

After having pressed all possible numbers in all possible combinations the human side of the voice is encountered.

‘How may I help you Sir ?’

‘I want to close my account’

‘Verry Good Sir, please identify yourself Sir’,

‘Well how do I identify myself ?’

‘You could enter your PIN Number Sir’

‘I have entered all possible numbers so far. what more do you want me to enter ?’

‘Your Customer Relationship Number Sir’.

So after all possible number entries you get the message that the PIN is validated.

‘Well, this will be the final validation Sir. Please let me know your Mother’s maiden name’.

‘What the heck, how do I know my mother’s maiden name?’

‘Well, that is your secret code Sir, or you could tell me your first Pet’s name’.

‘First pet. Well, was it a dog or a cat ?’

‘I can’t say that Sir. You have to tell the name’.

‘Well, I don’t know, Is there any other way out ?’

‘yes Sir, you could tell me your registered mobile number – the number that you had given when you had opened the account’.

‘Oh My God, that was 13 years ago. I don’t remember the number now. My number changed many times’.

‘Well, in that case you need to enter the card number’.

‘You see, I don’t have the card’.

‘So do you have the account number ?’

‘You see, I made this call because I don’t have a card and that is why I wanted to close the account’.

‘Why Sir, you could still have the account without the card Sir ?’

‘You see Madam, I want to close the account because I don’t have the card. I don’t have the card because you didn’t give me. And I tried many times to get the card and didn’t get. So want to close the account. Do you get the point ?’

‘Oh I get that Sir. For the card, you need the account number Sir. And for all that you need to know your mother’s maiden name Sir. if you don’t know that you need to tell your pet’s name Sir. If not you need to tell the first mobile number Sir’.

‘Excellent Madam. I get what I need now. Could you please let me know one more information?

‘Sure Sir, how may I help you?’

‘Could you help me get the online guide to suicide?’

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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