Deficit control through deception – Virendra Parekh

Loot of India – the task that has been in progress for the last 10 years has reached its crescendo. And here is how it is done. A great eye opener article on the state of the nation under P.Chidambaram’ expertise.


Virendra Parekh“The UPA government is following the scorched earth policy to make life harder for the successor government. It has already introduced populist laws like on food security and land acquisition, which no party can dare oppose in an election year. Then there is a series of executive actions with the same intentions. … These measures may not fetch too many extra votes for the ruling party, but will make life tough for the next government which will have to implement them.” – Virendra Parekh

P. ChidambaramIf finance minister Mr. P. Chidambaram were in charge of preparing accounts of a corporate entity, his own officers would possibly have charged him with malicious manipulation and misrepresentation. High handedness, sleight of hand, deception, plain unfairness—anything goes if only he can get that magic figure for fiscal deficit.

The finance minister has made it clear time and again that he would not allow fiscal deficit to cross…

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