Why do dogs run after people ?

dog-running-with-kidsToday was a day of big learning for me. I don’t know if I can call that learning. But I should at least be able to call that as a new way of looking at things. And this opened my eyes to the ways a child can look at things, in complete originality, without any biased feelings.

I was walking to the local library with Bharat Ram, my eight year old younger son. There was a lady who was walking her dog. And the labrador was as tall as Bharat was. So we stopped to let the two pass.

The lady insisted on we passing first and held the dog on a tight leash. We crossed the dog and its owner and headed towards the library.

And then Bharat asked me, inquisitively, as usual. ‘Appa, why do dogs chase people?’

Having been given an opportunity to exhibit my knowledge, I went ahead,’Bharat, you see, dogs are from the same species as the wolves, hyenas, fox etc. Hence they have inherited the instinct to hunt and hence they instinctively start chasing anything that moves in front of them..’ And so I went on.

‘Appa, I know this. But I have a different thought. Not sure if you would agree with me. But this is what I think’. So saying he proceeded,’Actually the dogs know that they are man’s best friend. And so they are wondering as to why men run away from them when they are their best friends. They want to find the reason and hence start running after people to ask them the reason’.

Never knew dogs knew that they were man’s best friends.


Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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