Modi. Period.

No, ‘Modi. Period.’ has not been typed by mistake. I mean it.

Just travel with me for some time in the past. Come with me just about two millinnium backwards in time, just in case that is possible.

You are in the time period when Kautilya, the ancient political strategiest has taken a vow to bring the Maurya empire into focus again.

What you see is a humungous land mass that has been bisected, trisected, vivisected and what not by the myriad rulers and dynasties. People are dejected. There is a general mood of despair and melancholy. People walk down with shoulders drooped down. The pundits have become self-centered and resort to exclusion. The wealthy class looks at amassing what ever wealth is available for them to hoard.

The kings who are supposed to be just, behave in the most un-just manner. Coterie rules the nation or what ever is left of the land mass called nation.

Kings pander to paramours. The helpers of the paramours form the coterie around the king and amass wealth. In the process they resort to every possible means to subdue rebels and intellectuals. Any whimper of protest is put down with the most brutal force.

Nothing can be more inviting to the enemies of the nation than the downward spiral of the morale of its people. Even if an enemy chooses to attack the nation, the people think of looking the other way as they think that the attack is on the king who is anyways unconnected with the ordinary people. But the actual attack is on the nation and its wealth.

So, why do the people behave so, you wonder. A closer look at the people reveals the truth. They feel alienated from the King and its coterie. And so they are indifferent.

Then you see the luminous personality, Kautilya, better known as Chanakya coming over and declaring that he would one day make Magadh a powerful empire that it once was and install Chandragupta Vikramaaditya as the emperor of Bharat. And Bharat includes the present day Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan. And to perform that he trains the young Chandragupta in the relevant martial arts and statecraft that are needed to perform the turnaround.

Initially you see that people are still indifferent and look away from him. But he accomplishes his tasks in a meticulous manner. He helps annexe smaller peripheral kingdoms and slowly builds confidence in the young Chandragupta as well as in the people. With the initial victories, you see that people slowly begin to take notice of him. And over a period of time, having been used to the victories of Chanakya, the ordinary people fall for his words and begin to rally behind him.

Time passes as you watch. And Chanakya’s words get sharper. Chandragupta begins to realize that he too could be powerful. He understands that the nation is not doomed, after all, with all its resources. Every leper and mis-fit in the country begins to take notice of the positive energy that they are being swarmed under. The euphoria of nationalism builds up. You see that even housewives, who have no opinion on anything about the nation, begin to take interest in the national affairs and discuss among themselves as to the new uprising.

Children talk about Chanakya and Chandragupta. You and I watch the numerous martial arts training schools that are springing up just before our eyes. We are witness to the fact that middle aged men, sick men and otherwise inconsequential men take to these training schools hoping to take part in the national upsurge. Ordinary workers show a sense of pride in their trade. We see that there is a sense of urgency in everybody. We feel the energy and optimism that builds up and the despair and doom that declines.

We also see that the otherwise dismissive neighboring states suddenly take notice of the nation and are reacting to every small change that takes place in Magadh.

Now, stop day dreaming, my reader and travel with me to the future, that is the present, 2014.

Don’t you see the same happening before your very eyes ?

Modi. Period.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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