Modi bashing full time

A casual reading of any news paper provides us with a pattern. No, not even reading is required. You just need to glance at the headlines. What you see could be any or all of these.
“Rahul slams Modi”
“Kejriwal attacks Modi”
“V.S.Atchuthaanandan describes Modi as a
“Sonia picks Modi out for bashing”
“Yechuri blasts Modi”
“Lalu opposes Modi’s development mantra”
“Manmohan decries Modi”
“Chidambaram chides Modi”
“Karunanidhi criticizes Modi”
“Nitish Kumar down plays Modinomics”
“Mani Shankar Iyer equates Modi to a tea-vendor”

One thing is certain. Looking at the pedigree of these people, I suspect there is something common in these people that makes  all of them  dread Modi. They seem to have a common reason to panic it seems.

And that is reason enough for me to support Modi.

3 thoughts on “Modi bashing full time

  1. தூற்றுவார் தூற்றட்டும் போற்றுவர் போற்றட்டும் அனைத்தும் கண்ணனுக்கு😄👍👏👏


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