India's strategic gamble

I think India’s abstaining from voting in the UN against Russia ( for the Crmea operation ) is a great strategy, the only one worthwhile action that the UPA givt did ( or was it the intelligent foreign policy bureaucrats who did it !).

With the US withdrawing from Afghanistan anytime soon ( as is their wont as soon as they feel exhausted ), Russia would move in for the kill ( overtly or covertly ). And to keep Pakistan at bay in Afghanistan, it would be necessary for India to work in tandem with Russia. Earlier too India had supported the Najubullah govt of Afghanistan that was propped by the then USSR.

Additionally, there is the prospect of Russian oil / gas reaching India through Afghanistan and there would not be a need to pay in USD.

But the reality is, though this ‘strategic abstinence’ would be a great strategy, it definitely casts a slur on India’s professed democratic processes.

However, in the end, national interests override any other elite consideration. India’s age-old futile rhetoric on Arab support and support for Yasser Arafat against Israel never helped India in any way. Only pragmatism and realistic appraisal of the ground situation and basing ones’ strategy on these are helpful for nations.

I am surprised as well as happy that there are still bureaucrats in India that think strategy.

Great going India.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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