London Swaminathan-ji writes several important essays on righteousness and spirituality. His articles are usually a blast from the past, opening our commercialized minds to the gems of the years of yore. This is one such. Thank you Sir.

Tamil and Vedas


Written by London Swaminathan
Post No. 1027; Dated 7th May 2014.

It is amazing to read a valedictory address of a vice chancellor from a university or an educational institution that existed 3000 years ago in India. The beautiful speech is in Sanskrit in Taittiriya Upanishad. This was delivered at the end of Vedic education. In those days most of the schools were under the trees near the teacher’s (Guru’s) residence. We have beautiful descriptions of Ashrams (residential schools and sages’ residences) surrounded by parrots and deer. Since this is a remarkable speech it is recited/repeated even today in Vedic institutions.

Here is what the teacher said in his valedictory speech:

“After having taught the Vedas, the teacher instructs the pupil thus:
Speak what is true.
Do your duties.

Continue, without neglect, the study of the Veda.
Now that you have come to the end of your stay with your…

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