An Experience on Singapore Airlines

This is a complaint sent to Singapore Airlines and the reply they got from General Manager of SIA, India. Just observe the language of the General Manager. Such great service levels are unmatched anywhere in the world. Singapore Airlines lives up to the great ideals set by the founders of the country. I can personally vouch for the eminent standards and the ethics followed by SIA. I would go one step further to say that ‘Singapore Airlines’ is one of the best airlines ever to have flown on Earth.

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I often fly to Singapore and SQ is one of my favorites.
Having said that, this one trip was not the best one. I have had issues in the past with broken baggage but the service recovery has been great. I have had in flight entertainment not working on my seat (twice) and again very well handled.

And at times when you are in love with something it’s also your duty to give the feedback to the other person. You do that with your best friend, your child your wife so why not with your favorite airline….

And I ended up writing to the India GM for Singapore Airlines – Mr David Lau on June 02, 2014. And while I did get a quick revert from Mr. Lau stating that they will get back to me. Within 2 days I had a detailed one as well.

Dear Mr. Lau

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