How stupid can they be !

T and JNo, definitely this is not about the man in white a.k.a. Rahul. But this is definitely about the Congress.

By now the reader would have been familiar with the phenomenon that anything that has got to do with the Congress has got to be stupid. And being and acting stupid are the prerequisites of being in the Congress, I mean the Congress party in India. I don’t know if this explanation can be expanded to include the institution in the US with the same name – Congress.

Let us come back to the Congress of India.

For some strange reason, Shashi Tharoor realized that Narendra Modi had turned into a graceful person in two weeks’ time. Until the 26-May he was a pugnacious, wily, aggressive, divisive, communal leader who needed to be despised with all the powers that one would have at ones’ disposition. And once Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, he turned into a Modi 2.0 – gracious, charming, likable, secular kid of the block.

What did Shashi Tharoor find in the two weeks is a mystery. But let me not let the cat out by pre-judging his praise of Modi as his inability to remain just an M.P. I can’t definitely say that he is looking for a job. But that could be a reason too.

Why do I suspect that he needs a job ? Well, he was a Minister for Twitter for some time when he helped Twitter grow its market share in India. And then he came close to losing his job because his hand ached from too much tweeting from an aeroplane’s cattle-class a.k.a. Economy Class. Later he ‘helped’ sponsor his then-girlfriend-but-later-turned-wife’s cricket team win favour in Kerala. And thus lost his job to become full time husband and proceeded from then on.

But it is difficult to stay with a wife doing nothing otherwise. So he re-joined the earlier ministry and spent his time speaking in the studios of the prime time televisions. But alas, the government was voted out and he became an ordinary M.P. yet again.

His is the case of ‘Twice bitten, never shy’. Now he is ready for another round at Delhi.

Mani TharoorBut Mani Shankar Aiyer’s case is not so straight forward. Having helped Modi secure a grand victory by his usually arrogant remarks which over worked this time and made him the Prime Minister, Mani is left with no further activity.

At least when the mother and son ( read ‘His circus masters’) were in power, he had a job as their speech-writer. Probably his language became more acerbic and vitriolic that even the mother and son did not understand who Mani was after, he soon lost his job as the official speech writer for the family. Later he switched to Toast Mastering in the national prime time televisions. The TV crew that recorded his debates became so used to his jibes and acerbic tongue that they were afflicted with Peptic Ulcer and quit their jobs.

Then Mani started his monologues on TV – his version of monologue was that he didn’t allow anybody else in a panel discussion to speak that even the programme anchors did not know if it was a panel discussion or a Pakistani citizen’s lung power check-up.

Now that he has been decimated in his constituency Mayiladuthurai ( in deep interior Tamil nadu, India), he has taken to his usual task of sound-biting err.. sound-puking.

But this time, he has started puking at his own Congress-mate Shashi Tharoor.

Probably Mani is jealous that Tharoor might land a job with Modi.

Poor Mani does not know that if he needs a job, he needs to say so. He should not attack a co-applicant.

Probably it is too much to expect from Mani. He is from St.Stephen, you see, the stupidity hotbed of India.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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