What could you blog about in Singapore

11 Jun

These are definitely items that you can blog about in Singapore.

  1. Durians
  2. Orchard street parlors
  3. China Town restaurants
  4. Little India Dosai restaurants
  5. Exotic food items
  6. Your cycling experience in ECP
  7. Sentosa delights
  8. PSLE exam tips
  9. Hair Growth strategies ( head )
  10. Forex trading self-congratulatory topics
  11. Your recent trip to USA
  12. Night Safari in the zoo
  13. Jurong Bird Park experiences
  14. Food tasting experience in a hawker center
  15. (Foreign) Movie reviews
  16. Boutiques and Spas
  17. Photo blog on Flyer, MBS, Airport etc and the numerous food items

If this blog post did not add value to you, well, play ‘Angry Birds’ and evolve.

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Posted by on June 11, 2014 in English Posts, Writers



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