Spread His Word

An encounter with an elderly person in Singapore who was 'spreading His word'

The bougainvillea was devoid of its original violet color. It was drenched in the rain and pointed towards the pavement signifying a rather dull mood that prevailed this evening. However the air and the trees were fresh.

The contrast seemed to point to the current situation in Singapore. Millionaires and common men living side-by-side in the same government apartments is a regular scene in Singapore only that the common man wouldn’t be earning rent revenue from his non-existent condominiums.

The pale bougainvillea shook once. A bird had taken off from its branch. I looked inside the shrub to discover a nest. 

I proceeded further on the washed down pavement. Less traffic on a Saturday meant more walking space. The food-court nearby was the only source of commotion.

The well dressed elderly man standing on the pavement didn’t seem out of place. Only that he was handing out some flyers to passers-by.

‘Spreading His word’ proclaimed the pamphlet,

Nothing deterred the old man, then sun setting across the West Coast Park, joggers on their tracks, children in their playful mood and some crackling noises nearby signifying some hushed-up couples . He was on his job, handing out papers.

Was this Roy Ngerng stuff ? Oh no. That was dangerous territory.

‘Sir, what is ‘His Word’,?’, I said,’why the capital letter for h’, prodding him.

‘My Son, please refer the contents inside and you would know for yourself’. So saying, he handed over some more glossy colorful pamphlets.

Private Condominium’s hand-outs looked similar. But this had something to do with ‘Him’.

Inside were pictures and details exhorting the masses to turn to the holy spirit and ‘Spread His Word’. I got that.

Started yet again ? But such pompous brochures meant more money waiting to be spent.

When this could happen in Singapore, no wonder there are those gospel centers in parched Tamil Nadu villages.

Hoes does ‘His’ word spread ? More on how it happened in India  in subsequent posts.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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