Stupidity and Idiocy

Stupidity is related to Idiocy.

Stupidity is defined as behaviour that shows a lack of good sense or judgement while Idiocy is explained as extremely stupid behaviour.

So I would define idiocy as being consistently stupid, each time more stupid than the previous time. No, I don’t mean Rahul Gandhi here. No use flogging a dead chameleon. There are better stupids this time.

Let us get into the Idiocy game.

ISIS attacks Iraq and Syria. Saudi Arabia finances ISIS. Iran is expected to retalliate in case ISIS advances further. That means Iran could get advantage in Iraq.

But Saudi Arabia cannot let Iran gain any advantage. So, what is the best way to halt Iran’s advance into Iraq ? Divert attention from Iraq and make people focus on a common enemy.

Who else other than Israel ? If Israel is dragged into some conflict with Palestine Iran would be forced to divert attention from Iraq. So, what happened ? Israel was lured into Palestine. A small attack started. Then Hamas, the henchman, got into action and fired rockets into Israel. And Israel prepared for a full-fledged attack. Hamas’s operator Iran is now forced to concentrate only on Israel via Hamas thus effectively looking away from Iraq.

And the ISIS continues its advance in Iraq with Saudi support.

What does this mean to America ? The global policeman gets a ‘legitimate’ reason to send in troops into Iraq and provide stability so that Saudi Arabia could mind its business of minting money by manipulating oil prices.

Coming back to Idiocy. Who are the stupids who exhibit Idiocy ?

The common man, me, you and others who need to do a day job to eat two square meals and pay Saudi Arabia for oil.

Of-course Palestinians join us in idiocy.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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