Soldiers in the Streets

A sad spectacle concerning America. Furguson will long be remembered for the dirt value it has brought upon the USA. A great country going down the drain in this manner that too in this century is a sad spectacle.
I still remember the JFK speech on Civil Rights when a student was not allowed admission into an University. He had to call the Federal Forces to ensure normalcy. After 50 years we are back to where JFK left us.


Protests in Ferguson, MO - August 13, 2014

This week has been hard to watch unfold on TV, much harder for people in Ferguson, Missouri , and horrible for the Brown family who had their son  executed on the streets of their hometown.

I am including a video for all to see of the urban violence that has transpired. Don’t get me wrong, I know and respect the need we all have of police protection, that thin blue line between all of us and the violence and  chaos that is obviously a reality none of us wants to see or even imagine.  But I am against the militarization of police that has happened since 9/11. We have heard that  equipment from the military has been sold to local police departments.  This week we saw it and it was horrible.


Has this happened before, you might ask?  Sadly it has with rioting in the streets in places like Watts…

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