To arrive or not is the question

What do yo do when you get a gift card ?  You rush to the nearest gift store. But upon reaching, you realize that there is nothing  in the store that can be bought with the value contained in the gift card. And when you find some object that is within the value of the card, the item is of no use to you – something like an exotic piece of porcelain or a pen that is stupendously high priced.

Have you experienced this ? I did,  today.

Seems the employer was happy. So he gave us all a gift card for $100. And said he was appreciating us. And I had the experience I described in the first paragraph.

In case I visit the store I would have to pick something that I don’t need as the card can buy only that. Otherwise I would have to shell out more than the gift cards’ value to buy something I need. So, have I been fooled or am I expected to act like a fool  to be considered as ‘having arrived ‘ for, people who shop in that store alone are considered to ‘have arrived’ ? 

To arrive or not to arrive, is the question.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

2 thoughts on “To arrive or not is the question”

  1. Yes, I too often find myself in such situation. What I do is simply “donate” / “give-away” the card!

    Similar situations arise when Airlines / Hotel loyalty points are expiring and you either do not have enough points to redeem what you want or they are expiring too soon. I just use them to make a donation to an affiliated NGO.


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