Rights and wrongs

I don’t fight ; nor do I argue. Not that I can’t but that these two are worthless pursuits. Why are these worthless, I shall explain now.

Each one of us is in a journey of our own. My journey is different from yours. It is a matter of chance that we meet. And when we interact, we bring our experiences to the table and showcase them. Obviously there would be differences in our experiences and in our lives and hence there wouldn’t be unanimity. I understand this and acknowledge the differences. So I don’t feel like arguing.

Let me give some examples : I have lived in India, USA, Japan and Singapore. In this journey over the past 20 years, I have met several people. And there have been differences as we are different persons. If I had chosen to argue and fight in each place , my life would have been hell all through. I acknowledge the differences and go ahead. And when I move to another country, it is a different set of people, different cultural values and aspirations. Thus I carry great memories from one country to another and friends too.

Same is the case with my beliefs- religious and otherwise. If I get into arguments with fellow travelers, I would get to carry memories of despicable and hostile people. So why fight or argue ?

I apply this principle not only for inter-continental travel but also for life in general. People come and people go. I consider each association as an opportunity to learn about a different culture, different standard of life and completely different approach to problems. If I can learn something from them, I learn and change my ways. If I don’t agree, I accept them as they are and proceed with my life.

I have this fundamental belief : We live for an insignificant time in an average planet that is powered by a half dying star. Our time and actions don’t change this cosmic story. So, there is no point in fighting or arguing.

You might ask if I don’t have an opinion on anything and that I don’t want to establish what I consider as true. I have definite beliefs and opinions. But they are not absolute. They, I believe, are true now. But they could change later. What is true today, is not true after a couple of years. Speaking to a person through a hand held device was not true some decades ago but is true now. So what is true and what is not ?

Take life for instance. A man-woman relationship, called “live-in” now, was not acceptable a couple of decades ago. It is being accepted slowly in our society. I have strong views on that. But I also know that this style of relationship would become a fully accepted one some decades later. So what is the point in fighting over it ?

My late professor used to say that no one ever won in an argument. It is that arguments are abandoned mid-way. I didn’t accept that when he told me many years ago but I see the wisdom in his words now.

If only the ISIS, Hamas, Al-Qaeda and the assorted groups know this, the world would become a better place.

What do you think ? Have you thought about these on these lines ? Do write back.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

3 thoughts on “Rights and wrongs”

  1. My take on arguments: “Arguments are the worst sort of conversation”! Despite this, arguments do happen in the world around us – which satisfies someones ego.

    Again, argument needs some sense and brain – right or wrong – but certainly not guns!

    ISIS, Hamas, Al-Qaeda – Argument?


  2. Yes Ravi…true…I completely agree with ur blog……changes in the opinions are brought by the experiences one faces in life….my view…when less experienced it is done with arguments…As we learn from others and from our mistakes….we learn to accept them as they are…we’ll written….


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