Churchill’s Secret War – initial notes

Madhushree Mukherjee’s ‘Churchill’s Secret War’ is a damning account of the British Raj’s handling of India in general and Churchill’s handling of the great famine of 1940-43 in particular. Churchill’s hatred for India and disdain for the hindus are well known. But his lack of concern for the thousands of hapless Indians that perished in Bengal and elsewhere as a result of the man-made famine caused as result of massive export of food grains to soldiers fighting for the British elsewhere has not been adequately recorded in India’s history books.
Madhushree’s well researched book provides un-deniable insights into the period when India was plundered for the final time by the British.
A sad read that makes one’s blood boil considering the opulence and wealth that Britain and the other western powers exhibited for a long time as a result of the loot from their erstwhile colonies.
Detailed review once I overcome the melancholic effects of the book.

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