Raising my voice for Pallikaranai Marshlands

This blogger who is concerned about Chennai’s marshlands in pallikaranai writes about the the need to preserve the lands. Worth a read.

UmaS Reflections

Our PM, Mr Modi, has been inspiring the people of this country with his impressive speeches.  And every one of his speech calls out to people to do something for this country of ours and not wait for the Government to come and do everything.

My special liking is for those calls to make a cleaner India.

I am a self-obsessed cleanliness freak.  And its a proud moment to say that none of us in my family litter or spit on the roads or public places.  Even if we collect some trash after eating out, I pack it all and bring it home to be thrown in the dust-bin.  It saddens me when people throw things out of buses, trains and even spit out of them too.  What about a dangerous cigarette butt with fire, being thrown out of a car !! How insane are these people !!

And then…

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