How I upheld morality in a train

I have heard people searching on google. But the boy was searching on her face, with his lips.

Once he finished his search, she began, with intermittent small talk and strange sounds in the packed train. Once the facial searches stopped, and the on-lookers were visibly satisfied, the search spread. His hands were at their exploratory best.

Another bout of facial search was followed by armed search after one minute lull.

All this happened in the packed train. My blood began to boil. I was about to catch the boy and slap him. Twice I tried to pull the girl out of his embrace only to restrain myself at the last moment. Why should I act when the whole crowd was watching this ‘Searching on the face’ ? I thought.

But a young school boy about 12 years old watched this live steamy event. I couldn’t stand that.  Never do nothing, my mind said for the tenth time.

I decided to act.  I felt my BP shoot up in rage. I felt a mild headache as a result of that.

Time to act, I said to myself, determined to act.

I closed my book, kept the book inside the bag all the while looking at the boy and girl in tight embrace.

I felt an insurmountable rage filling inside. With great effort I was restraining myself not to pull the boy out of the embrace.

The train came to a stop. Time to act, I said to myself.

Then that happened. That which I didn’t want , happened. I couldn’t control myself. There was a limit to everything. Time to take things into ones’s hands, I thought. I couldn’t stand such behavior.

So I said, ‘Excuse me’, and got down from the train, triumphantly.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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