[PERSPECTIVE] Racism and Taxi Drivers

A great feel good piece. Does Racism exist in Singapore ? Yes. Is Singapore Racist ? No. I have had fantastic experiences with taxi drivers. Here is one such from a fellow Sing blogger.

The Guru Project

Singapore is multi-religious & multi-racial country. FACT
There is racism in Singapore. TRUE
Singapore is a racist country. FALSE
All of the above is simply my OPINION


Singaporeans love to complain.  Singaporean Indians  love to attribute our unhappiness to one popular phenomena: Racism. I did not get the job (The Interviewer was racist) I did not get my promotion (My boss is racist) The Taxi did not stop for me (The Taxi driver is racist). Hearing the above far too many times so I decided to write about it. Taxi drivers are probably the most hated people in Singapore. Apparently, the insurance agents are better than them (at least , you get a free meal or drink when you meet them). There are so many types of drivers in Singapore; from private transport to bus to train to monorails to Uber and Grab Car. Why is the dislike limited…

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