Inviting positive writers

It seems India is going to fold up tomorrow and go into the abyss of obscurity. That is what I see in the news papers now-a-days. Open any Indian English news paper worth its name and you will get to know this.

This negative-news-phenomenon has been there since 1998; that was when the Vajpayee government came to power. Immediately all the papers dived into the sea of negativity and started writing editorials criticising even the posture in which Vajpayee sat on a chair.

The last couple of years have shown the depths of negativity of Indian journalism. The Hindu, Times of India and the visual media have decided to paint the whole nation red – yes, Red as in blood, communist and revolution.

These have resulted in me not reading the news papers at all. I just think of those times when there used to be a huge tussle in the morning with 6 hands pulling one paper – The Hindu. My current reading list in the morning is just Dinamani for 5 minutes. It provides the most reliable, decent and to-the-point information and mostly un-biased analysis of events. More than that, the paper has a nationalistic outlook.

Thuglak does not have free web-version and hence I am not able to read that. Despite the pro-ADMK stance of Cho, the paper is largely neutral and razor sharp in its analysis.

Dinamalar provides some positive news on India. Her articles on Indian heritage are good. And there are no more news papers in TN that are neutral and un-biased.

So, as per the english media, is India burning with huge race riots, linguistic flares and communal conflagrations? The truth is: It is not. The people are a peaceful lot, trying to make their ends meet and some how get along with life amidst hopes for improvement in their condition.

But why does the English media behave in such a manner? Why do they paint a daily picture of national doom and dismay?

The answer lies in their education and upbringing. The wholly left centric education that the state institutions provide, as a result of 60 years of left-ridden-syllabus and teachers and sponsors, is to be blamed.

That is why unabashed anti-nationalist propaganda gets carried in the front pages of english news papers. That is why hooligans in colleges are hailed as heroes. That is why female journalists whose journalistic neutrality was washed in public during the Radia-tapes episode have the temerity to barge into Boy’s hostels at night and conduct ‘interviews’ with so-called students who were evading arrest. That is why the female journalist ‘tweeted’ that she couldn’t find the male contraceptive that she came looking for.

That is why I am opening up my site for writers to write positive articles about India, her culture, her diversity, her linguistic heritage, her classics, her civilisation and its unity. Articles could be in Tamil or in English. It should have national appeal and should have positive content.

The articles could talk about people who have overcome their disabilities to come up in life, temples that have been re-built, books that have been curated, archaeological sites that have been discovered / preserved, reviews of books that talk about the preceding matter and the like.

Send your articles to with your contact details. Ensure that articles have original content.

Jai Hind.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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