Shri.Karunanidhi's dirty politics

Shri.Karunanidhi has wished Christians on Easter. Nothing wrong with that. But what he  has said is outrageous. He has said that it was his government that scrapped the ‘Anti-Conversion Law.’
What does he mean by that: ‘Hello Christians, It was Jayalalithaa who framed the Anti-Conversion Law because of which you were affected in that you were not able to proselytize. But when I came to power, I removed the law and helped you to proceed with your evangelical activities. I am reminding you of that historical fact. So, keeping that in mind, vote for me this time so that I can help you in your conversion activities.’
Two points here :
  1. Easter is a holy day when Christians spend time in Church, contemplating the supreme sacrifice of Jesus Christ to atone the sins of his followers. Is that a day to play dirty politics?
  2. Are Christians that stupid to fall for this viciously divisive message that too delivered on such a holy day? How long does he and his likes want to treat the minorities like a bunch of dumb heads who don’t have any thinking prowess on their own?
It is politicians such as Shri.Karunanidhi who have repeatedly made fun of minorities by these uncouth statements.  So, what should the Christians do? Send protest mails to Shri.Karunanidhi to show their displeasure.
And if I were the Archbishop of Chennai, I would issue a statement like this:
‘Dear Shri.Karunanidhi,
Thank you for your wishes on the eve of Easter. However, I deem it wholly inappropriate for you to have used this religious occasion for your personal benefit.
Please refrain from using such days of great religious significance for your narrow political ends. May God bless you with a long and healthy life and wisdom to understand the significance of our holy days.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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