Do you hate Apple, the company?

You may have many reasons to hate Apple, the company. Decide if you still want to, after reading this.

After being assassinated by Windows 10 many times, I migrated to Macbook Air this year. Then I realised what I have been subjected to, in the last 20 years, by Microsoft.

All was well until last week when the Air’s screen turned white and refused to do anything other than remain white. I took the Air to ALAB Singapore, Apple’s Authorised Service Provider, waited for 1 hour before being called for inspection, handed over the machine, waited for the next 2 days and went back to wait for one more hour before being handed over the repaired Air with the comment – ‘The problem was with the screen.’

After exactly one week, the problem reoccured, but this time the screen was dark even after the initial Apple Chime was heard after the ‘Power On’ button push.

I was frustrated beyond all limits, for my writing projects were stuck. I called Apple Support last night only to be told that Call Center was closed. Brimming with rage, I tweeted to @AppleSupport quoting the case number. They responded immediately asking for more details. I gave them and went to sleep.

This morning I called Apple Support and the call probably went to Manila. The operator was courteous, heard my woes and offered help. ‘I won’t go to ALAB. Ask them to get the Air serviced at home as the warranty is still valid,’ I said. Apparently I had not taken the ‘Apple Care’ Support Service and hence though I was not eligible for ‘On-site Service’, he assured me that he would try out all possible means to restore my confidence in Apple by connecting with a ‘Technical Expert’.

After some fuming minutes on the phone, I was greeted by an Australian Help Desk operator who said,’I have been given to understand all your issues. Let us isolate the problem first and classify it as a software or a hardware issue. If it is software induced, let me try to resolve it. If it is hardware, well, let us see if that is indeed the case.’

In the meantime, she sent me a test mail and assured me that she would be guiding me until the issue was resolved.

I was not convinced with her reply, but still went on with the steps that she had suggested – holding down a combination of buttons on the keyboard multiple times, pausing for 30 seconds and then continuing some more combinations.

The Air began to breath and the screen came to life, all programs, my next book’s manuscript and all other data intact.

So, what is the reason to hate? The online service support is so good and globally connected that I have begun to expect such a service from other products of other companies. And I know what to expect from other companies.

Readers, do you have any reasons?

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

One thought on “Do you hate Apple, the company?”

  1. But I had encountered just opposite experience with Apple. Shifted back to Windows after gifting Apple to brother, who said he will get it repaired.


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