Left is dead, long live the left.

Let us face it. Panditji comes as a package.

You cannot choose his nation building acts alone and white wash his two great blunders. Yes, he was responsible for a stable country in the immediate aftermath of freedom. Yes, but for him, we might not be having a wholly functioning parliamentary democracy. Yes, but for his foresight, we might not have had this giant leap in science and technology.

And yes, but for him, we might not be having the ever boiling Kashmir and the never reliable China, eager to pounce and grab what ever piece of flesh is available in the borders of India.

The left intellectuals, even now, are doing a great disservice by choosing to white wash Panditji’s blunder in China.  When we talk of inaction between 1950 to 1960, they harp on Nehru acting on the advice of the Army and hence India having to face an inglorious defeat in ’62. If you counter with evidence, they ridicule you saying you have ‘anecdotal evidence’ and resort to the usual Left methodology of name calling and defaming.

Dear Learned Left, get over the hang over, for the days of ICHR dictating history are over. Romila Thapar and Guha are no longer the cornerstones of historical writing. Leftist white wash and pushing under the carpet are days of the past.

Today, we have a whole new look at the events of history and don’t need a JNU degree to be a historian.

Left’s days of stupendous stupidity have ended.

Left is dead, long live the left.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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