A note to the Centre

Nothing can be farther from truth than the belief that the Left, in India, is dead. When it was in power, it at least had the chains of a modicum of responsibility. However, even as late as the disastrous UPA-1 experiment, they resorted to blackmail politics and had no qualms in enjoying power without responsibility. Nuclear deal is a case in point.

Now that it has been decimated in all the states in the recent elections, chances that the left would resort to the university-chaos technique, are more. The chaos experiment has produced great results for them in JNU. With the incendiary environment in Tamil Nadu, aided amply by the unaccounted erstwhile Tiger money and demise of a strong state CM, the left inspired chaos-theory could gain ground. Religious NGO led funding is always at hand, just in case there is a shortage (Eg: Kudankulam, Marina, Neduvasal).

The Centre should act as a strong central govt, crack the whip, and rein in the anti-national elements with all the force it can muster. The state of Tamil Nadu has long suffered from absence of governance and orientation towards the national mainstream.

When the center does something for TN, talk about it, in Tamil, in Chennai and in all other places. Ask central ministers to conduct press conferences and answer questions. Show that the party is definitely a party with a difference.

The BJP needs to provide credible, young leaders in the state, who are grounded in the nationalist ideology, can articulate better both in Tamil and English, with the force necessary, in the national and local television channels, have a better connect with the students and youngsters, and, in general, represent the new generation.

And, for God’s sake, eschew tinsel sentinels. TN needs change not only in the body, but also in the soul. Hence no more tinsel souls in a new body, please. And no cut-out / banner culture please.

Mind it. The Left has nothing to lose but everything to gain from a disoriented Tamil Nadu that is looking for another ’cause’ to fight. A Left gain is not good for the nation.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

4 thoughts on “A note to the Centre”

  1. I belongs to upper caste brahmin community and I am against pro corporate LED Modi government economic policies and biased approach against minority communities and interference with their religious practices. Modi government not for welfare state and pro crony corporate community. TN people not need north Indian domination and we are fed up step mother treatment by Modi government towards flood relief,famine relief,cavern dispute, etc etc


  2. Well expressed, Mr Amaruvi. One wishes that BJP takes cognizance of your views and acts upon your predilections for the benefit of Tamilnadu and their Party as well. The other advantage is to expose the directionless dilly-dallying politics being distastefully done by Leftists and Dravidian Parties. The earlier nuisance creating parties are done away with, the better for TN.


  3. Low interest regime of Modi government put several crores of middle class family/senior citizens facing lot of hardships due to low interest income from life time savings distanced BJP vote bank in TN apart from various issues. Inflation figures are manufactured by rulers against ground reality maintain low interest regime to help crony corporate sector for their tacit support to the corporate regime. Many central ministers visited in recent times to wreck AIADMK after demise of JJ to improve their fortunes will not succeed in TN. BJP sinister games will bommarang on them not only in TN at pan India level in future is writing on the wall.


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