JNU Audit

Annual appraisal entails audit of what happened during the year, how the allotted budget has been utilized etc. Can’t we ask for an audit of money allotted to JNU and the returns from the University on that? Some KPIs could be:

1. # Ph.Ds / year
2. # Rhodes Scholars / year
3. # Int’l papers presented
4. # Doctoral scholars joined Int’l Universities
5. # Civil Servants produced
6. # Int’l awards received
7. # Books written / year
8. # Developmental Projects / year
9. # Industry Collaboration / JVs for development
10 # Startups / year

If these are not satisfactory, should the tax payers continue to fund a futile venture?

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

6 thoughts on “JNU Audit”

    1. Other central institutes like IITs and IIMs are brand ambassadors of the spirit and intellect of India. Their achievements speak for themselves. JNU is a class apart. Suggest read the Chinese funding of many of these protests.


  1. If data is compiled on these parameters, JNU has to be closed. Instead, they can close Arts, Social Science and Literature now and allow only research works.


  2. Sir ,

    The KPI that are currently measured are

    1. # of pro-Kashmiri seperarist meetings held
    2. # of anti -India rallies held
    3. # of left leaning meetings held
    4. Percentage of disruption to normal life due to all of the above
    Last but most important
    5. # of Modi abuse meetings held


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