NYT’s color bias


New York Times’ editorial on Yogi Adityanath’s choice as UP’s CM smacks of arrogance and a condescending attitude towards another country’s provincial election. The editorial talks about ‘Mr. Adityanath has made a political career of demonizing muslims..’ while it is Donald Trump, its own POTUS who has done what NYT has said. (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/23/opinion/mr-modis-perilous-embrace-of-hindu-extremists.html?_r=0)

The paper further states thus: “the appointment shows that Mr. Modi sees no contradiction between economic development and a muscular Hindu nationalism that feeds on stoking anti-Muslim passions” . What is not clear is how are these two items connected at all?

Karunanidhi, Lalu Prasad, Jayalalitha, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati et al who have left indelible marks as some of the most corrupt persons in the nation were eligible, in the eyes of these media, to be Chief Ministers while a Brahmachari Yogi / Sanyasi is not eligible to be one.

Yogi Adityanath has been a parliamentarian for at least 15 years and every time he has been elected on popular vote. He doesn’t have any privileged background as the grand son of a former prime minister.

Being on the other side of the Atlantic does not make a paper more elite than the others who are not.

The reason for NYT’s hatred is explicit – the color of Yogi Adityanath’s dress.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

2 thoughts on “NYT’s color bias”

  1. Not only color of the dress but also his mindset needs change. Let him prove by his actions to silence the critics. Criticism on Indian politicians is vital otherwise they will become autocrats/despots.


  2. I guess we need not bother about commenting on NYT, WSP articles.. Their columnists and their blatant biases are well known.


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