Remembering Panditji

Today, I remember, with gratitude, Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru, for my early childhood was shaped in a school named after him- Jawahar, in a place that was his creation – Neyveli. But for Neyveli Lignite Corporation and the grand education that I received there, I would not have been what I am today. Not that I am a somebody, but, without the above, I would have been a nobody.

Neyveli helped transform a predominantly impoverished lower middle class brahmin family, with absolutely no belongings but a secondary school education, into one that can boast of at least two square meals today.

And the architect of Neyveli was Pt.Nehru in addition to Kamaraj, C.Subramaniam and R.Venkatraman.

Panditji wasn’t perfect like everybody else. He had his flaws, some of which bother the nation till date. But he brought a semblance of stability to the otherwise shaky nation that was cut into two pieces at birth.

He could have done better, no doubt. But he tried, for sure. His leftist leanings, socialist utopian theories and a complete Macaulayan education and attitude that also had a vehement disregard for the ancient civilisation that is Bharat made him commit fundamental mistakes whose impact we feel even to this day – Article 370, UN Security Council, China Policy, Socialism et al.

While I thank my first Prime Minister from the bottom of my heart for all the good that I am enjoying today, I also feel sad that I am not able to worship him, for I know his follies.

A great man. Could have been a legend. But stopped at being a hero.

Here are my reviews of the books on Nehru that I had read.

Please read, circulate and discuss the leader and his policies, without any disrespect to the long departed soul.…/09/21/nehru-a-political-life-book-rev…/…/nehru-a-contemporarys-estimate-my-rev…/…/self-deception-indias-china-policies-…/

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