When Yuval Noah Harari became a Jew

During a visit today to a doctor, who had a picture of Mary and Jesus on his wall, I noticed Yuval Noah Harari’s ‘Sapiens’ on the desk. 

‘Did you read this book doctor?’ I asked him.

’Still reading.. Have you read this?’ he asked.

‘Yes, and also ‘Home Deus’ and ’21 Lessons…’ by the same author. Terrific books. What do you say?’ I asked.

‘May be. But you know all this is marketing. He says Bill Gates and Obama have read it. Do you think Bill Gates and Obama would have had the time to read this?’

‘Well, doctor, Gates reads many books in a year and recommends too. You could see Youtube videos.’

‘May be, but you know, if the book is so noble, then the author should give the book for free, shouldn’t he?’ he asked.

‘Well, may be. But the book has been traslated into 63 languages’ I said.

‘That is ok. But do you know he is a Jew?’ he said, about the author.

‘How does that matter? He is an atheist and a historian, in any case..’ I countered.

‘Actually, Jews are cunning. That is why the USA doesn’t lay its hands on Israel. Jews in USA ensure that..’ he continued.

I took leave of him, with a sigh.

It is common knowledge that, but for the Old Testament, there wouldn’t have been a New Testament. But for Judaism , Christianity wouldn’t have come into being. But for the Talmud.. the list is endless.

Tamil Nadu’s education & social situation leaves much to be desired. We are creating a people who are fed on hatred, enriched on ignorance and watered by a tremendous supply of fake but dangerous ‘isms’.

Half knowledge is dangerous; Wrong knowledge is disastrous.

Tamil Nadu is heading towards disaster. And I feel sorry for my state.

Author: Amaruvi's Aphorisms

Banker by day, blogger by night and a reader throughout.

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