Writer A.P.Raman

It is with great sadness that I came to know today about the passing away of Shri.A.P.Raman of Singapore in Feb 2022.

The octogenarian writer, journalist, dramatist and businessman, despite his rather advanced age, used to participate in almost all weekly Tamil events in Singapore, encouraging youngsters to excel in their forte.

He was a father figure to writers and speakers in Singapore. No literary event would be complete without him.

Having been associated with Shri.Raman from 2009 till 2019, I was indeed blessed to have been guided on many occasions on my different articles on Singapore. As recently as 2020, even after I had moved out of Singapore, Shri.Raman called to congratulate me on a detailed analytical essay that I had written for a magazine, on water management in Singapore.

I can’t forget the number of review comments that he would have posted in this site on my different articles. He was the first reader and reviewer of my first book ‘Pazhaiya Kanakku’. He had gotten a copy from the publisher directly and had called me to pass on his review comments.

I last met Shri.Raman a day before I left Singapore in the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple in Little India where I had gone to attend a discourse. He blessed me for a last time.

Inspite of his advanced age, Shri.Raman was a quick learner and easily adapted to the new age tech and wrote prolifically in Facebook.

Not many know that Shri.A.P.Raman had hosted M.G.Ramachandran in Singapore before the latter launched his political party, the AIADMK. A close friend of the late Chief Minister, Shri.Raman was on speaking terms with the former President of Singapore Shri.Nathan. Despite all these connections, Shri.Raman presented a low profile demeanour and moved with ease with all and sundry.

Singapore Literary scene has indeed lost a great supporter and connoisseur of arts.


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