Learn while you earn ..

We might have heard about earning while learning. But here is a girl who tries to learn while earning.

Probably the child thinks that the Chief Minister is too busy working for the welfare of his family, the ‘Pattaali’ party is busy looking after its own ‘Koottalis’, and therefore let me take care of myself as well as my family by trying to learn while earning for a living repairing shoes.

No, the below people are not laughing at the fate of the girl above. They know that the girl cannot vote yet. Hence they are safe. They are laughing amongst themselves that the girl’s parents and the millions of other people who have sold their voting rights to them for a pittance.

Prime Minister who ??

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I hope you wouldn’t mind me calling you thus. I came to know from Wikipedia that you are the Prime Minister of India and thus enlightenment dawned on me that my nation has one.

Prime Ministers are supposed to be the most prime of the ministers that rule the country. The last time that I came across one was  Mr.Vajpayee as I distinctly remember my nation being made proud by his announcement that India had blasted three atomic weapons. The next time was when he brought in the visionary ‘Golden Quadrilaeral’ project. Since then I have not had the opportunity to know that I had a Prime Minister as I have not been able to see anything progressive happening in the country at the behest of yourseld that would make an ordinary citizen proud of.

Well, not wishing to dwell too much on the previous PM, let me quickly revert back to your tenure.

I would like to remember something from your tenure. Apologies for stating this, but the only things that crop up as soon as I think of your tenure are the following :

1. Natwar Singh episode and the kickbacks from the ‘Oil for Money’ programme of Saddam husseing government. Your then external affairs minister was getting money from another government. Well, getting money from another government was nothing new for your party and I very well know that.

2. H.R.Bharadwaj, the then Law Minister giving a clearance to the Bank of England to de-freeze the accounts of Quattorchchi, the friend of Sonia. And immediately Quattorochchi withrew all his money – needless to say that the money was the bofors kickbacks money. I distinctly remember your statement then that an innocent person should not be troubled too much. These happened even when the CBI had a red corner notice against Quattotochchi. And immediately after that statement of yours, the CBI closed the case. 

3. The shoddy treatment meted out to Dr.Abdul Kalam, the then outgoing President and your backing of the current President despite all the cases pending against her and the RBI’s Liquidation notice to her bank.

4. The eqally shoddy treatment meted out to the former Chief Election Commissioner’s recommendation regarding Mr.Navin Chawla. Even before the President had an opportunity to go through the report from the former CEC, your law minister said that the recommendation would be rejected. And all tall talk of constitutional propriety ?

5. Your cabinet ministers speak out of turn in every given opportunity while at the same time speaking ill about another ministry – recent examples being Jairam Ramesh chiding the Infrastructure ministry and Infrastrucure minister Kamal Nath ridiculing Montek Singh Ahluwalia of the Planning Commission.

6. Your Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has all the time in the world to look after BCCI and IPL that he doesn’t have the time to concentrate on rising prices and decreasing agricultural produce. Yet he continues to be your Agriculture Minister.

You have been blamed of inaction in every sphere be it th rising prices, the Kashmir conundrum, the Maoist menace, the China issue et al.

Wait a minute. Do you know that there is a state called Arunachal Pradesh that is supposed to be an integral part of India ? Do you know that China considers it her own integral part ? Are you aware that China does not issue visas to enter China for the Indian bureaucrats from Arunachal because it treats the people of Arunachal to be their own citizens  and therefore issues only stapled visas that are not endoresed in the passport ? Have you made atleast one statement on this ?

Additionally for the people of Kashmir ( Indian part), China does not issue visas endorsed in the passport and it just issues a stapled visa. Are you aware of this at all? I have been waitng for the last 6 years to hear from you on this.

Can you issue stapled visa to people from Tibet thus making a stand on the Tibet issue? Probably you would need to ask Sonia who in any case wouldn’t know anything at all as she considers Italy her home even now.

The last person to acknowledge that China is a real threat to India was George Fernandes. Have you atleast understood the magnitude of the problem ?

Despite my best efforts, I am not able to remember any other positive achievement of yours during the 6 years that you have been in office so far.

I have explicitly refrained from writing about the CWG, Adarsh and 2G scams as enough has already been written and said about them. And it is too depressing to write only about scams and let-downs on the part of the government.

What bothers me, as a concerned citizen, is your spectacular stiff upper lip on all these. You have not spoken on any of the scams at all. Either your ministerial colleagues have said something ( I am restraining myself from using expletives here as I still have some sense of honour left for the office of the PM ) or your coalition partners have conjured-up some verbage neither of which has helped soothe my highly tensed nerves.

Neither do you exercise control on who your ministerial colleagues are nor do you seem to have control about what your ministers say.

The Radia tapes don’t even mention your name in any ministerial allocation exercise. As a citizen partially literate about the ‘ it is the Prime Minister’s prerogative to choose his minister’ kind of constitutional stuff, I am constrained to ask this question : Do you realize that you are the Prime Minister of this country and the constitutional obligation to follow and uphold the constitution of the nation ?

Any ordinary worker would have quit his position / job if he would have found that he would not be able to perform his duties due to interferences etc. Are you aware that you too have that option ?

I am not as academically qualified or as intellctually bent as you are. Hence I would request you to correct me if I would have attributed anything above that should not have been attributed to you.

But I  have a confession to make. When you had assumed power in 2004, I had seen that your academic qualifications had all the permutations and combinations of the English alphabet. I had a hope that under such an academic personality, India would scale new heights in many positive aspects. But after six years of your two consecutive terms,  the only sphere in which India seems to have scored high is in corruption – corruption of un-imaginable proportions. What a fantastic feat !

In any case I have a great admiration for you. That is because of the following: When the 2G episode was unfolding itself and the Supreme Court was making you look like a school boy who had failed in all subjects yet appeared in the First-Rank list, there was this party conference of yours where Sonia was making a scathing attack on corruption. You remained stoic and calm and composed while I would have burst out in laughter on hearing what Sonia had said. Your ability to control the un-controllable laughter amidst such a hilarious joke is certainly a quality that I would want to emulate.

I don’t expect to get a reply for this letter. Probably you would be too busy covering the tracks on 2G along with Kapil Sibal.

Wishing you a happy republic day when I expect to hear another version of the Presidential Speech of last year – equally lacking in lustre and equally boring as your Independence Day speeches.

I remain,

In eternal wait for a PM of action,

A concerned Citizen of India.

2g – JPC Report

Date : 15-Aug-2015.


And finally the JPC happened in 2015 for the 2g scam by which time many more scams for 3g,4g and many other gs have happened that made the 2g one pale in significance and magnitude.

Here are the transcripts of the 2g JPC sessions. For ease of use, the question is listed with the responses from the different stake holders. The stakeholders are to be referred as per the legend below.


Sonia (G1)
Rahul (G2)
A.Raja ( err Rasa in line with Tamil culture )
MK ( needs no explanation )
Kani ( also does not need any explanation)
Nira Radia ( NR )
What do you think of 2g scam ?
G1 : Well, the RSS is a fundamentalist organization that needs to be banned.
G2: I agree with the question. Once Kamaraj rule is attained, the RSS needs to be banned.
MK : I agree with the question in full. This question is against ‘social justice’.
Kani : The ‘leader'( read MK ) will decide on the answer.
Rasa : I can answer only when I am on the phone and that too only with Nira Radia.
NR : The issue can be sorted out with Mukesh and Tata. I am having a lunch with them this afternoon.

What do you understand by 1,76,000 Crore ?
G1 : That is the number of times the RSS has committed communal disturbance in the last 50 years.
G2: This is the number of huts in Bihar that I need to visit to partake of the porridge prior to the next election.
MK : You are asking me this number because I don’t wear a thread on my body. This is what Anna fought for.
Kani : The number of times I would have spoken to NR.
Rasa : Looks like some ISD telephone number. I will any ways consult with NR on this.
NR : I will talk to Barkha Dutt today and get a clarification issued on that.

Why did the 2g scam happen ?
G1 : I want to emphasize that we need to fight the RSS evil tooth and nail.
G2: We will fight corruption tooth and nail.
MK : Because of Jayalalitha and the brahmanical newspapers. That is what EVR Periyar fought against,
Kani : Did it ever happen ? I didn’t ask NR to do this at all in my phone talks with her.
Rasa : Looks like Dayanidhi Maaran is behind this. I will any ways consult with NR on this.
NR : No problem. I will talk to Vir Sanghvi and Ratan Tata today and get a clarification issued on that.

How can such a scam be avoided in future ?
G1 : Once the RSS is banned this will not happen. That is what Indiraji told me as soon as I became her ‘bahu’.
G2: Once Narendra Modi’s govt is disodged from gujarat, such scams can be avoided.
MK : Go and ask ‘Ammaiyar’ Jayalalitha. You don’t want a ‘shudra’ govt in the state. Anna told me this many times.
Kani : Just allot the Voltas Lands to Rajaathi Amma ( my mother ) and such things will never happen.
Rasa : As long as we follow the BJP govt’s policies, this will happen. Shall speak to NR on this.
NR : I will talk to Hillary Clinton today and get a clarification issued as soon as Obama wakes up.

Why did the Auditor General write such a scathing report ?
G1 : I did not appoint the CAG as I had appointed Pratiba and Navin Chawla. That is my mistake. See there are no problems with Pratiba Patil and Chawla.
G2: I smell the RSS being behind this. We need to ban both the CAG as well as the RSS.
MK : CAG has only 90% reservation. Had we followed EVR and Anna’s teachings, CAG would not have written this report.
Kani : You need to ask Dayanidhi about this. Also Alagiri would help in this question.
Rasa : Let me talk to NR and find out why.
NR : I will find from Nicholss Sarcozy today and get a clarification issued on that. I am meeting him tonight.

I am sorry you have not answered any of the questions. Can you tell me why ?
G1 : I suspect you are an RSS member yourself. Hence you, the JPC, needs to be banned along with the RSS.
G2: We need to bring inner party democracy to our party. This I have already told the US Ambassador 2 years ago.
MK : Anna and EVR did not bring me up to aswer your questions. I am answerable only to Anna and EVR.
Kani : I have already answered many calls from Nira Radia. What more do you want me to do ?
Rasa : Because Sunil Mittal of Airtel was against my appointment as Telecom Minister. I will speak to ‘Leader’ about this.
NR : Has not Barkha answered all the questions ? I will speak to Putin and David Cameroon to answer the questions. I am meeting them for breakfast tomorrow.
And the nation gets ready for another JPC inquiry, this time in the 5g scam and the story continues…

A billion idiots and counting..

An idiot is an idiot irrespective of nationality. And I am proud to declare that I am one such.
Mark Twain once said “In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards”.
So once we are educated in our system of education that uses the school’s blackboard, we know where we are headed. Not to mention the NCERT and the Tamil Nadu govt history text books that talk about the “Indian History” that never paints Aurangazeb in bad light and where there is no mention of his vandalizing the temples. Likewise the TN govt text books that contain material that eulogize Periyar, Annadurai and MK, not necessarily in the same order, while their ‘achievements’ are questionable.
What you can expect in future are some topics on Raja and Kanimozhi and some “poets” like Vaali and Vairamuthu singing the glory of the pair ( no pun intended ).
Well, what has ‘idiots; got to do with the pair ? Well, let us go over.
Some legend here about some legendary figures :
  • G1- Sonia (G)- the precursor to 2G.
  • G2- Rahul (G) – the progeny of G1.
  • Kani – the poetess, temptress from the south
  • Raja – needs no legend as he is already one
  • MMS – the de jure prime minister ( note that India has a Prime Minister still )
  • MK – the only guardian of Tamil Culture who runs a govt writing screen plays for tamil films

Having come across some ‘legends’, we know that iare either born in India or they are made in Indian schools. In case you are not an idiot by birth, you are made into one once you read the history books taught in schools. Otherwise how can one believe the following :

  1. MMS is the ‘cleanest’ PM that the country has ever had, thus say the ‘elite’ english papers, this despite the fact that he tolerated a scam-boss in his ministry for more than 4 years. One of the records that he has set is that he has made the nation proud by being the leader of the government that has indulged in the largest scam in the world, so far.
  2. The 2Gs ( Sonia-G and Rahul-G ) remain unscathed in the scams so far and are hailed for what ever the reason.
  3. The 2Gs are not responsible for the Bihar debacle when the congress has won just 4 out of 220 seats. The party has decided that the party itself had been weak in Bihar and that they have to start from the scracth. Thus, if any victory in any part of the country occurs for the Congress, paenas for the 2Gs for their remarkable leadership but no responsibility in case there is a debacle.
  4. Rahul (G2) is more patriotic and ‘secular’ and therefore he has absolved Lakshar-e-Toiba to the US Ambassador.
  5. Rahul (G2) is the most secular human being available in India as he has expressed fears about the Hindu Terror Organizations ( read ‘saffron terror’ as that is the buzz word now-a-days) after the Mumbai attacks.
  6. Kani is a poetess par excellence ( as often eulogized by Vaali and Vairamuthu ) despite the fact that she has stoped writing long back and only talks to Radia and Radio either backing Raja or opposing Dayanidhi.
  7. The whole world does not know of the relationship between Kani and Raja despite the duo blushing about each other to the Radio ( err.. Radia ).
  8. Raja is the only culpable person in the whole 2G loot and the DMK has no relations what so ever.
  9. MK is still sensible and is fit enough to be a Chief Minister and therefore is seen either going to Delhi in a wheel-chair or is seen accepting awards for writing dialogues for un-seeable films that bomb in the box-office even during the first show.
  10. Raja is being hounded by the media only because he is a dalit and therefore , P.J.Thomas, the tainted Chief Vigilance Commissioner of India, is also being hounded by the Supreme Court just because he happens to be a Christian. Hence the Supreme Court is racist / aryan / communal etc.
  11. Ratan Tata and therefore the Tata group are honourable despite the Radio’s ( err Radia’s) escapades.
  12. Ratan Tata is an honourable person despite the fact that he speaks about the party dress that Radio Radia would wear to a party hosted by Ratan.
  13. Azhagiri is an educated person who has the ability to talk ( not to metion the language ).
  14. Vir Sanghvi and Barkha Dutt are the most secular faces of the media and they can keep espousing on morality and justice to gullible public.
  15. The BJP is above all corruption. Yeddyurappa need not resign despite the dubious land deals that get published daily.
  16. The victory for the NDA in Bihar is because of Nitish Kumar and thus not because of the BJP while the victory for the BJP in Gujarat is because of the polarization on communal lines by Narendra Modi and not because of his govt’s achievements. This is secularism for the un-initiated.
  17. EVR is the erstwhile head of the Tamil dravidian family and he brought back the glory to Tamil despite the fact that his mother tongue was Kannada and he had remarked about Tamil to be the language of the barbarians.
  18. MK spends considerable amount of time in ‘governing’ the state of Tamil Nadu ( a functional anarchy at that ) and he does this feat by writing unpalatable dialogues to un-seeable films.
  19. Kani and her mother ( don’t know a parliamentary word to define her relationship with MK ) are doing social work with VOLTAS that too in the cause of the Sri Lankan tamils.
  20. Fr. Jagath Casper Raj’s association with Kani ( or is it the other way around ) is only platonic and they have devoted their lives to the cause of Tamil folk arts and Sri Lankan tamils.

We have to believe in all the above and be ‘patriotic’ and ‘dravidian’ ( both being mutually exclusive terms ) all at the same time.
In case one doesn’t believe in the above, he is supposed to be an ‘aryan’ by birth ( as per MK theory of racial orientation ) and can be classified as one of the following :

  1. Mount Road Mahavishnu
  2. Person with a thread across his body
  3. Both 1 and 2.

Arundati Roy, where have you been so far ?

Recently Arundati Roy created yet another history by declaring independence for Kashmir. Nothing new for this knee-jerk author who wants to be seen where ever trouble brews. We have seen her recently with the PWG exremists when she wrote ‘Walking with the comrades’ – a supposedly great intellectual matter on the causes of naxalism in India ( probably hoping for another Booker Prize ). But the irony was that she was doing this after the Dantewada massacre.

Now she has uttered her verses on Kashmir as that is boiling right now as this is yet another ‘progressive’ note from a ‘progressive’ author.

Not sure where the author’s feelings were about the suicide of farmers in Maharashtra while the farmers of Gujarat are well off, staff members of ‘Dinakaran’ were burnt alive in broad day light in Tamil Nadu ( does this not qualify for freedom of speech ??), SKS Microfinance episodes in Andhra Pradesh and what not.

 And as usual, ‘The Hindu’ carried the speech, her hurriedly written email and a glowing editorial defending the freedom of speech. Some questions though remain unanswered : Where were her feelings during the Nandigram episodes when an entire district was held to ransom by ruling party hooligans in West Bengal? Did not the fundamental right of the freedom to live peacefully infringed upon by the WB govt ? Probably there are different yardsticks for different political aura !

When C.N.Annadurai gave up the cause for sedition, he was hailed a hero. Did he not understand the futility of trying to separate from India from an economic and military point of view ?

 Can Arundati Roy cite a specific reason for separation from India ? What are the ‘stone-pelters’ and ‘un-nailed-patriots’ going to gain by separating from India ? What is their economic route to prosperity ? Would that not mean Kashmir would be on its way to become another Pakistan or Afghanistan ?

Let us not underestimate the sacrifice that India has done for J&K. Every penny that the Kashmiris spend today or the J&K govt spends is from the ordinary tax payer from the rest of India. Even the security accorded to Arundati while in Kashmir would have been from the pockets of the Shanmugams and Subramaniams of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

In their 15 minutes of spotlight and heat of the circumstances, let not the authors like Arundati forget that such freedom of speech is available only in the Indian side of Kashmir and not on the Pakistan occupied side.

 Let the papers like ‘The Hindu’ understand that such freedoms of speech exist only in India and not in their utopian fatherland – China.

Tamils have original thinking ..

Did some one mention that the tamil community ( the direct translation of ‘Thamizh Samudhaayaam’ ) was there in existence from pre-historic times ( ‘kal thonri man thnra kaalathey mun thonriya mootha tamizh kudi’ ) ? The following picture seems to suggest that. In this era of great developments, we have many such places in Tamil Nadu that seek to remind us of our past.
This original thinking does not stop with lighting. Even in case of transportation of school children, the originality of thought is simply awe inspiring. While the whole world is falling head over heels in ‘going-green’, we tamils have had the great forethought to go green using a MUV — Multi Utility Vehicle !!
In the land where the Right To Education Act has been implemented on April 1, 2010 ( an apt choice of date ), tamil genius helps go green as well as help implement the act.
Any reminder about the fat pay hikes to the MPs is purely coincidental !! No, don’t get reminded by the 35,000 Crore CWG or the 400 Crore Semmozhi Maanaadu please !!

The impact of the New Indian Rupee

A picture speaks more than many words. This picture is one such .. the impact of the new Indian Rupee Symbol. If readers are reminded of Rs 32,000 Crore CWG wastage or the 100 % salary hike for the MPs, I am not responsible. Also any resemblances to the Karunanidhis and Kalmadis and the Rajas is purely coincidental.

Freedom,at last

We have celebrated the Independence Day for the nth time and have invoked Gandhi ( I mean the Mahatma for once ) as is the ritual. Yet another lacklustre monologue from the President and an equal performance from the Prime Minister ( for once the country came to know who was the Prime Minister ) – a puppet by design and a puppet by default respectively.

So what does this independence day signify, if it signifies anything at all ? Well, I would think it means much to many people. Let us see one by one.

The Terrorist from Kashmir ( No, not the Abdullah clan, the poor ones that pelt stones ) : Instead of hurling bombs, they can hurl stones so that we have a stone pelting industry in place. No body can belittle J&K of being backward in industry, you see.

Sashi Tharoor : The freedom to openly flirt with a socialite and enter into a marriage arrangement. Purpose of relinquishig the UN Under Secretary General position has been achieved other than popularizing Twitter to the Indian masses. Long live Independence.

A.Raja : The freedom to remain in office (by being in Gopalapuram on a daily basis ) despite all the brouhaha about the different spectrums. The freedom to be seen in the spectrum of the Saint Poetess from Chennai is all the more important than any other activity needing to be performed in Delhi.

Alagiri : The freedom not to attend Parliament despite being the member of the same as well as the freedom of not answering questions in the Parliament. Not that it would make any difference even if he starts talking in the Parliament.

CBI : The freedom to file cases against BJP State Ministers as per directions of Sonia and the freedom to stop pursuing the earlier cases on Quattrochchi once orders to that effect come from 10, Janpath. Such freedom is nowhere to be seen.

Suresh Kalmadi : The freedom to forge e-mails from Indian High Commissions and award contracts to one-man companies in the name of sports.

Lord Balaji of Tirupathi : The freedom to hold assets of Rs 28,000 Crores only despite throusands of years of wealth accumulation while allowing the CWG ( Read : Congress Wealth Games ) to be conducted at 35,000 Crores.

Vaiko : The freedom to run a political party in the state of TN when all but himself have moved over to the DMK.

The BJP : The freedom to walk out of the parliament everytime somebody stands up to speak something. Additionally to treat all party members as party leaders. Incidentally to search for a person who is not known to anybody in the country except his own spouse and make him the President of the party ( Any resemblance to Nitin Gadkari is purely coincidental ).

M.Karunanidhi : The freedom to conduct a government by writing un-palatable dialogues and screenplays for un-seeable films. The freedom to ride a wheel chair all the way to Delhi when his family is in trouble. The eternal freedom to participate in valedictory functions organized by anybody from the society including but not restricted to kindergarten children.

Jayalalitha : The constant freedom to reside in a bungalow in a hill station and at the same time fight for the people of the state by releasing paid advertisements in news papers. Of late, staging demonstrations demanding chocolates for kindergarten children to be supplied free of cost.

The Congress Party in TN : The eternal freedom to run the Congress party from the DMK chief’s house. The freedom to recite “Kamaraj Rule” mantra in as many occasions as possible. The freedom to control their laughter while talking about inner party democracy. The freedom to fight amongst one another to cut cakes during Sonia’s birthday.

The People of Tamil Nadu : The freedom to demand a larger compensation from each political party during the time of elections. The freedom not to depend on electricity for their daily chores. The freedom to stand for many hours in front of Ration Shops ( euphemism for hells on earth ) to be told that the stock for the particular item that they want is not available. Additionally they have the right to live alongside mosquitoes in buildings that have the freedom to fall down at any moment ( the Housing Board Flats ) and enjoy their freedom not to complain about any thing on earth in the Dravidian Republic of Karunanidhi.

The People of Gujarat : The freedom from not being protected by strict anti-terror laws like the Maharashtrians are being protected. While the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act is active in the state of Maharashtra, a carbon copy of the same law with the term ‘Maharashtra’ being replaced by ‘Gujarat’ is not acceptable to the Hon’ble President of India and hence the people of Gujarat are free not to be subject to the said law. How fortunate are the Gujaratis ? What a freedom they have !

Afzal Guru : Come December and there would be another anniversary of the attack on parliament and Afzal Guru enjoys his freedom to spend his on-going vacation in an indian jail sure of the fact that he is never going to be hung till death. He is actually making preparations to welcome Ajmal Kasab into his suite in Tihar so that the duo could jointly enjoy Indian hospitality at the ordinary tax-payers’ cost, probably getting ready for the Ramadan feast at the end of the fasting season.

The Naxals: They have their freedom to choose the train that they want to sabotage. Even now there are no restrictions on them. They have all the human rights watch dogs to help them in the smooth conduct of their day to day affairs like train blasts, CRPF butchering etc.

The DMK : They have their freedom to do anything in TN. Let me not belittle their capabilities by writing about some of them. But conducting physical assaults on aged writers of the opposition front is not new to them and therefore they have outsourced those acts to local hoodlum groups. Delegation of tasks for better project management, you see !

The Lawyers from Tamil Nadu : The most privileged lot in the entire country whose voice even the judges of courts are afraid of. They have the freedom to speak only to the media. That is because they cannot enter the courts to place their arguments as they are boycotting the courts and thereby extending moral support to the people of Myanmar who are fighting for their rights. Did anybody mention about the rights of the people of TN whose voice is not heard in the courts of the land ?

The Communists : The freedom to scold Mamata for anything going wrong in West Bengal ( not that something goes right. It has always been ‘left’). The freedom to make the state left behind the other states because of their “left” orientied policies.

Mamata Banerjee : The freedom to attribute any train disaster in any part of the country to the communists in West Bengal.

Governors of Congress Ruled States: The freedom to remain inside the Raj Bhavans of the states and occassionally indulge in proclivities not worthy of the offices that they hold.

Governors of BJP Ruled States: The freedom to perform their duties as loyal servants of the Congress Party and act according to the wishes of 10, Janpath.

The Prime Minister : The freedom to remain mum at any cost even when China declares that New Delhi is an integral part of China. And the freedom to remain under ground when events of national importance occur. And the freedom to mumble mono-syllables in press conferences.

Pratiba Patil : The freedom to constantly remind the people of India and the world that she is totally different from her predecessor by exercising her freedom to be inactive on almost everything.

A.P.J.Abdul Kalam : The freedom to deliver speeches to school children about a developed India.

The middle classes of India : The freedom to remain in eternal wait for an India that Kalam often speaks about.

UPA-II ( Unified Plundering Authority – Ver 2.0 )

Well, not really sure what to write about. Something like you wouldn’t know from which side of the bread that you should eat first. No matter the side, the bread would taste all the same. Likewise, wherever you start from there is one uniform stench that emanates – the one of corruption and official malfeasance.

Next the UPA II should be credited for one achievement of theirs – once you concentrate your energies and start collecting your thoughts on how to write about that particular ‘achievement’ – read malfeasance, corruption, demeaning act – then another comes about totally out of the blue and completely washes you off your feet so that you don’t know as to what happened to the earlier one with the result that the perpetrators of the earlier crime – read discharge of one’s ‘official duty’ in the service of the nation- are forgotten by the media and the people at large.

We encounter the peculiar nature of the current dispensation -the declaration of motto of UPA – II. The motto is : Un-hindered Plundering at any cost. The mascot being the Prime Minister who has put his image in the line to safeguard the all round plundering that happens at the backend.

When we start looking at the Spectrum achievement and start reading more on that and collect some thoughts on the same, the IPL looms into the foreground. Every high ranking minister is involved leave alone what his ministry has got to do with a pure betting exercise called IPL. The agriculture minister who doesn’t have time to look into the rising prices of essential grains has got enough time at his disposal to wriggle in a betting enterprise. His cabinet colleague Praful Patel who is incharge of aviation and is not able to control Air India’s woes has enough time at his disposal for IPL. Reason : National Service via IPL, you have to believe that.

Farmers are committing suicides in Maharashtra due to debt woes. The agriculture minister spends his time in IPL and BCCI. Reason : National Service via IPL and BCCI, you have to believe that.

Many thousands of tonnes of wheat get rotten due to lack of storage facilities. Agriculture minister negotiates import of wheat from Australia. What economics this ? Probably the economic stalwart in the Prime Minister would know !

While we linger on wheat, another wind blows over – the CWG mess. Suresh Kalmadi defends all his actions with a forged e-mail from the indian high commission from London only to accept a couple of days later that some irregularities would have happened in the CWG affairs. And the Prime Minister maintains his calm and composure as if nothing of significance has happened while the whole world laughs at India’s handling of the pre-games affairs. While China had completed its preparations for last year’s olympics an year earlier and Britain has completed
its olympics preparations for the 2012 olympics, India still is not ready yet for the CWG that would start in October this year. Aspiring for superpower status, did you say.

Time is running out for Sachin Tendulkar. His score is being bettered by Naxals everyday. The day is not far off when Naxals begin television broadcasts from their independent nation comprising of Andhra, Jharkhand and Uttaranchal. While this is the case, the union home minister talks of ‘inclusive’ talks, un-conditional talks and the like only to be countered by his own cabinet colleagues the next day. His only competitor in incompetence is S.M.Krishna who kept mum, looking like a doll, when the Pak minister lambasted the Indian Home Secretary. What is the PM’s take on this ? — A complete mum on the whole affair.

I don’t know how many more times would India need to handover dossiers to Pakistan giving credible evidence of its involvement in the 26/11 attacks. I have strong reasons to believe that there is some secret pact with the dossier making industry to make it more profitable than even Microsoft.